Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cubs Land FUKUDOME!!! Time to upgrade other positions!

According to many sources including MLB.com and David Kaplan the Cubs have reached a 4 year deal worth 48 million for Kosuke Fukudome. The Cubs got there man!!! He is well worth the money in my opinion. While he does provide a risk because of the difference in stats between the ML and Japanball there is one thing for certain, he will play great defense, has a cannon of an arm, good bat with high OBP.

4 year for 50 million may be high according to some but hey Hunter got 5 year 90 million for a guy who strikes out a ton, OK OBP, great defense and is 33 years old at 18 million a year. Jones got 36.2 million dollar contract for 2 years and he hit .222 last year, and a guy like Rowand who had one good year is asking 5-6 years 80-90 million. How can you not think the Cubs got a good deal now!?!

The Padres where informed earlier today they were out of the race for Fukudome after offering only a 3 year deal worth 33 million dollars according to sources and would not negotiate from that. Looks like the playing on the West Coast didn't matter much to Fukudome.

Now look for the Cubs to get working on upgrading there middle infield and CF positions if they can. The Cubs have already inquired about Roberts and Figgins, if they can't trade for those players look for the Cubs to look at Felipe Lopez who could be released or DFA or they could look at Lofton as a stopgap and mentor until Pie is ready.

Great Day For Cubs Fans!!!

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Joe said...

Good news... but now I'm kind of sad/pissed that Prior might be let off go for nothing. The guy is a prick if he is expecting a multi year deal after all the support the Cubs have given during his injuries. And the last thing I want is for him to get back to form and haunt us.