Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hendry on ESPN1000

Ill try to recap to the best of my ability-

1. He wants to add a player or two and will continue to be aggressive through trades and possible free agency.

2. Fukudome is will play RF for the Cubs next year and as it stands now it will either be Fuld or Pie in CF.

2.He likes how his starters stands. Mentioning Z, Lilly, Hill, Dempster, Marquis, Marshall, Gallagher, and Hart in that order.

3. He wouldn't commit to a closer yet.

4. Wont discuss Prior until tomorrow( probably be non-tendered)

4. He says he will look for an outfielder to play all three spots, maybe a starter, maybe not. He is looking for a RH bat that can play all three spots.
Here is a couple of versatile RH outfielders that may be available through trade or free agency-
Brady Clark
Alexei Ramirez
Ryan Freel
Xavier Nady

5. He would be more than happy to have Derosa starting at 2b on opening day.

6. Here is where he stands on Murton- "Unfortunately he's a right handed hitter, and I think we all feel Matt's a left fielder. We'll try to do what's best for the Club and Matt, and if that means finding a home for him on another club that's what we'll do"

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