Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cubs one of four teams in on Blanton. Cubs should look at Millwood.

According to MLBRUMORS.COM, the Cubs are one of four teams that are interested in trading for Joe Blanton. I am in favor of this deal only if it doesn't cost us a whole lot of prospects. I feel in a couple of years Joe Blanton will become a Brad Penny type of player. He would add depth to the starting rotation and could make a player like Marquis or Dempster expendable. The other 3 teams that are rumored to be involved are the Royals, Mets, and Mariners. Its not likely that he goes to the Mariners because there in the the same division. Leaving the Cubs bidding for the young righty against the Royals and Mets. The Mets are desperate for pitching so I would think there the favorite to land him but the Cubs and Royals could surprise us.

The Rangers have been reportedly shopping the veteran right hander. I think the Cubs should take a look at the guy. He was 10-14 with a 5.16 era last year. The year before that he was 16-12. He is a decent pitcher who will give you innings and could be a good fall back plan if they don't acquire a Bedard, Blanton, or player of that sort. To get him you probably would have to give up a minor leaguer or two but nothing major like a Gallagher or Pie. All I'm saying is the Cubs should take a look at him.


Snake Plissken said...

Do you mean

if so I can't find it. could you link please?

Joe said...

Excellent idea. Didnt think bout Millwood. I think I heard it pop up once also that the Rangers might listen to offers for Padilla.

Definitely worth a look... doesnt throw as hard as he used to... but still a good veteran arm that could be an upgrade over a Marquis/Demp type. Maybe even send back one of them with the two mid prospects? Cause the Rangers still need pitching and especially Marquis... would give them not much of a downgrade from Millwood at a lesser price. But I guess it would depend on who they want back to make it worthwhile for them.

RockinCubsFan said...

I disagree if the cubs are going to give up prospect or young players they should be going after what they really need in the rotation a bona fide #1. They should go after bedard and roberts or santana. We do not need another #3 or 4 we need a stud. We would have the best for man rotation in the nl if we got one of those two adding blanton does not signifacantly make our rotation better.

cubsfan82 said...

Here is the link guys