Sunday, December 09, 2007

Update Fukudome decides on Monday?!?! Grienke trade revisited??

According to many sources Fukudome will make a decision on what team he will be playing for next year. He has narrowed the choices down to 2 teams, being the Cubs and Padres said ML sources. The Cubs have offered a 3 year deal worth 45 million and the Padres have offered a 3 year deal worth 36 million. Both teams reportedly are offering high incentive bonuses and perks comparable the H. Matsui and Dice-K. Kosuke will mull over the offers between the Cubs and Padres and make an choice on Monday. The Padres have lost there fall back option of Bradly to the Rangers and now only have Cameron as a fall back if they don't land Fukudome. The Cubs have not made it know if they have a fall back but have been rumored to trade for such players as Josh Hamilton, Raul Ibanez, Ryan Church, Nick Markakis, H. Matsui and Mark Teahen if they don't land Fukudome. The Cubs seem to "do whatever it takes to get Fukudome to the northside" one source said.

Another rumor coming out of the Hot Stove is the Cubs are in trade talks with the Royals for fireball righty Zach Greinke. The Cubs discussed a trade at the dead line last year that would have sent Greinke here for a couple of prospects, rumored to want Donald Veal, Ronny Cedeno, and Eric Patterson. The Cubs have sparked those talks again in which they want to add depth to there starting rotation.

Greinke went 7-7 in 52 games last year, 14 in which he started. He posted a 3.69 era with 106 SO and 36 BB in 122 innings. He is a 24 year old righty who has hit 96-98 mph on the gun. He has pitched pretty well for being on a terrible team. His overall record is 21-35 with 4.63 era. He has just over 2 years of ML and is making 407,000.

Lets see if anything materializes out of this rumor.


supercapo said...

I like the idea of trying to bolster the rotation. Grienke is a good idea, he has a great arm, he is young, with a huge upside. He has had a few issues in K.C. Didn't he walk out of training camp a year or two ago and threaten retirement? Maybe a change of scenery would do he some good.
I think that the rotation needs a little tweaking. I like Z, Lilly, and Hill. They looked really good last season, but I am not enamored with Marquis and Dempster. I think that Marshall, Gallagher, and Hart are better options, but with a very limited amount of major league experience, I don't see them beating out either pitcher for a spot amongst the starting five.

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear rumors about Grienke? I haven't heard his name mentioned anywhere, not that I have a plethora of resources to choose between.

Kamel said...

So are they lookin at Grienke as a starter or reliever?

cubsfan82 said...

I would assume they would look at Grienke as a starter because of the nember of guys who will be fighting for a pen spot. I like Zach as a starter better than a reliever.