Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mitchell Report released Thursday.

The Mitchell Report will be released Thursday at 1 pm CST. 60 to 80 former and present players are likely to be named. Hopefully not alot of Cubs past and present will be on that list. I will post the number and names of Cubs that are on the Mitchell Report tomorrow after if get off work. Until then we will hold our breath and hope there are no present players on that list.

I can come up with some former Cubs players that could be on that list. Here is my list-

Glen Allen Hill

Those are the only player that I can think of.

As for current players, I honestly hope there isn't any and I don't think there will be any but I may be naive.


Joe said...

F ing Prior!!!

Anonymous said...

nefi perez

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think glen allen hill will be on there. He worked out a ton. The other names probably. Let's hope that no current Cubs players are on the list


Anonymous said...

I'd add Gary Matthews Jr. to that list.

tim said...

prior wood.