Friday, December 14, 2007

Cubs should trade for Blanton

Joe Blanton would look great in a Cubs uniform. The A's have already dealt Haren to the Dbacks for prospects so it just make sense that they deal Blanton. Blanton is a 27 year old righty with decent stuff. He went 14-10 last year with a 3.95era in 230 IP. His strike outs are decent with 140 last year and era is a little high but that's in the AL, if traded to the NL it should decrease some. Blanton is at 2 seasons of ML service and is making just 380,000, tho he would cost more than that because of the players the A's would command. I'm guessing players like Veal, Murton, Gallagher, Pie, Marshall, Guzman, or Epatt would have to be included in a deal for Blanton. I would start by offering Murton and Marshall for Blanton to see how far that gets you. I think that could be a good starting point.


mets are really sockin the ball said...

Blanton will be a Met.

cubs are so much better that last year said...

the cubs would have to give up marmol for him and they better not do that.

Joe said...

MLB Rumors said Cubs are one of four teams that have expressed interest.

The question is... since Blanton is still young... can he be consistent and counted upon? If not I would rather get the great half season out of Marquis... who has always done well in the first half... and then maybe look for reinforcements at the July deadline.

Snake Plissken said...

Thank you. I've been saying this over on BCB. The Cubs should try for Blanton! He would be a solid addition to our rotation, and would help calm it. He's not a true #2, at least no yet, but he'd fill in nicely.

Marquis, Demp, Hart, Petrick, ect.

supercapo said...

I can't help but agree, although it would be nice to get Bedard, Blanton may be the better pick-up. He certainly won't cost as much as the O's are asking for Bedard, and he should grow into a solid number 2. If we can get Blanton, the top 4 in the Cub's rotation would be pretty darn good.