Friday, December 14, 2007

Roberts deal done by weekend untrue.

Just want to let everyone know that the rumor that stated the Roberts deal will be done by the weekend is untrue unless Bedard is traded soon. The O's want to deal Bedard before trading Roberts and therefore a deal for Roberts done by the weekend is unlikely. I have been getting some heat from some of my "new readers" because of my rumors that involve sources of mine ( in which I don't want to name them). My sources don't want to be revealed for one reason or another and I respect that. I do appreciate all my dedicated readers and posters here and thank you for going to my blog. The reason I do this is because I love the Cubs so much and want to share my knowledge along with my thoughts with you. Thank you again!


Kamel said...

Maybe package Roberts with Bedard?

Now that the DBacks have traded for Haren... Cubs really need to bring in a #2 or even #1A guy.

I actually would have preferred a power righty like Haren... but he is off the board now. Bedard is a good option... but he is a lefty in an already lefty filled rotation with Lilly and Hill. I wouldnt really trade Hill for Bedard because I would say their potential is similar. Bedard may have had better numbers but he, like Hill, is still young and still has a chance for inconsistency.

I would be willing to part with Hill for Santana, in a package with other kids of course.

Also no noise on Cubs even lookin at the Japanese FA starter. Maybe thats a good thing... cause Cubs stuff usually happens under the radar last couple years with Hendry... but Cubs really need to address a #2 starter along with bringing in Roberts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kamel about making Roberts and another #2 type starter a priority. AND I still believe that going after a proven closer caliber reliever is key. I say this simply because Wood hasn't shown he can go out every day and pitch over a full season You have to expect a breakdown...maybe we'll be pleasatly surprised if it doesn't happen. But insurance is needed. We can't blow close games and expect to win the division again.