Thursday, December 13, 2007

Roberts a Cub by the weekend???

According to some sources of mine the Cubs and O's are in serious negotiations about Roberts again despite him being on the list on names on the Mitchell report. Roberts trade value has gone down some because of the report but he still remains high on the Cubs list of players their interested in. It was rumored that the O's would want Gallagher, Cedeno, and a midlevel prospect but since his value has went down you might not see that exact deal. My sources tell me Hendry has been in "frequent contact since the O's traded Tejada to the Astros" and now "Roberts is at the top of their list." They also said that a deal could be done as early as Saturday.

Lets see if we can get him. Whether he is on the Mitchell Report or not he would be a great addition to the Cubs!

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