Saturday, December 08, 2007

Figgins still on Cubs radar.

According to MLBTR-

The Angels are telling teams they will only consider trading Chone Figgins if they find a third baseman. If Figgins does hit the market, figure on the Cubs getting involved.

Lets hope the Angels can find a 3b because the Cubs will not trade Aram. I would expect the Angels to target such third base guys like Beltre, Tejeda, Inge, Atkins, Crede,
Edwin Encarnacion, or Rolen. There is alot of trade candiates out there for them to aquire a third baseman. Maybe a 3-way deal could be possiable for the Cubs to aquire Figgins. I see the O's, Reds, Tigers, and Cards being the best trading partners with the Cubs and Angels.

Lets see if anything developes.


Gio said...

Why dont the cubs try and make a massive three team deal where the angels get tejada, the cubs get roberts and figgins and the o's get prior, gallager and murton/patterson. it seems like a pretty fair deal to me, you could probably swap some cash or prospects in the deal to. this would be the biggest trade this winter. this could make for a some crazy dealings

Anonymous said...

not a bad trade idea...
and Aram will NOT be traded as he has another four years on his contract and a NO-TRADE clause.