Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good Rumors for Cubs!

I want to give alot of credit to MLBTRADERUMORS.COM, they have been keeping up on the rumors and the guy who runs the site does a great job. He deserves all the credit in the world and I know I get alot of my information from there and I thank him. Keep up the good work!

Thanks to MLBTR-

Cubs Rumors: Fukudome, Prior

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 7:04pm: Tasty rumor morsel: Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times says Fukudome is "almost certainly" going to sign with the Cubs.

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 12:20pm: Some new stuff from ESPN Radio 1000's Bruce Levine.
The Cubs have talked to the Royals about Mark Teahen; the Royals like Matt Murton.
Levine says there's nothing to the Hamiton rumors.

FROM 12-4-07 at 12:11pm:
Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times discusses the rumors around the Cubs.
Wittenmyer implies that Kosuke Fukudome could get a deal similar to Torii Hunter's - five years, $90MM. That's not in line with what's been said so far, plus Fukudome has said he wants three years and not more.

The Padres are the frontrunner to acquire Mark Prior, but Dusty Baker's Reds are also interested. The Reds idea first surfaced here. The Padres, though, have made many deals with the Cubs over the past few years as Jim Hendry and Kevin Towers work well together.

I don't see Fukudome getting a big deal like that unless it goes into a bidding war. Fuk has said he wants a 3 year deal, that works for me! I find it interesting that Barker made that bold of a statement, I hope he is right tho!

Murton for Teahen?!?! Sounds good to me. Here is Teahens stats-
He is basically a left handed Murton on a bad team. I think Murton would do great things in KC and this seems like a good swap. I like that he has a good OBp of .353 and avg. of .285. He lacks some power but he has played in KC so those numbers may be a little deceiving. He hit 18 in 06 in 109 games. He also hit .383 with RISP throughout his career! He would be great off the bench if the Cubs get Fukudome!

I bet Prior is dealt at the meetings or soon after. I imagine he will go to the Pads so the Cubs don't get burned if he becomes great again as a Red. I would trade Prior and Epatt to Reds for Hamilton.

Another tidbit from MLBTR-

The Cubs are also in talks regarding Nate McLouth. Sullivan thinks McLouth would come cheap - for a reliever like Carmen Pignatiello, Neal Cotts, or Will Ohman. Damn, that's cheap. We learned today that the Giants, Padres, and Marlins like McLouth; Sullivan adds the Braves to the mix as well.

McLouth is an ok pickup. Id rather have Hamilton or Figgins because they will just cost a little bit more and there a much better player. Here is McLouth stats-


Pie could put up those numbers with a full season 2!

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Kamel said...

chicagosports.com saying that Hendry has shot down the Hamilton rumor and the Kuroda rumor.

Hendry said he likes Demp and that Pie, Fuld, Colvin, and Samardzija are untouchables.

I'll be first to admit I dont know much about Cubs farm as I used to... but kind of surprised to see Fulds name in there. I know he flashed a great glove in his Sept call up and has tore up the AFL... but didnt really hear his name before.

With the Tigers Marlins deal and the Red Sox now ahead in the Santana sweepstakes... I feel like the Cubs arent doing enough to become a WS winning team. As I've said before... we need to take the next step. Cant build a get to the playoffs team... need to build a get to the WS and win team.

Our rotation doesnt have a dominant 1 2 punch, but there is no talk of improving that. I will give credit for the Cubs acknowledging and trying to address the need for a lefty bat with good OBP.

Lets hope Hendry's comments are just an effort to do things on the down low like last off season.

Lets also be glad that only one team can come out of the AL for the WS.