Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cubs make push for Roberts?? Pior to Reds?? Cubs wanted Spilborgs??

Thanks to MLBTR-

Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun are reporting that the Cubs are aggressively pursuing the Orioles' Brian Roberts.
A three player deal is on the table, so I assume the Cubs would send two players over. It's known that they'd send a starting pitcher, but we don't have names yet. The authors note that the Orioles have been fond of Rich Hill and Sean Gallagher in the past. Keep in mind that a trade of Roberts would require Peter Angelos' approval.
Per Zrebiec, Angelos would have to be "totally overwhelmed" with an offer.
The authors also note that the Orioles have talked to Tadahito Iguchi's agent in anticipation of a possible Roberts trade. The Padres and Dodgers would join the Orioles as his top three choices.

According to sources of mine the deal proposed to the O's is Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher, and Eric Patterson to the O's for Brian Roberts. Seems a bit much for Roberts to me. He had a tremendous year in 2005 and has been steady in his average and OBP. He would be an upgrade over Derosa, and Dero could be used as a super utility player. Which really strengthens the bench. Roberts is owed 6.3 million in 08 and 8 million in 09. He would be a solid pick up for the Cubs, but I would try to get a deal done that doesn't involve Gallagher or a guy like Marshall. If the Cubs went and got a lefty that can play centerfield like Teahen, Fukudome, Lofton, Hamilton, or Dejesus they could send Pie, Marshall, and Epatt for Roberts. That to me would be a decent deal for both teams.


According to Nasville Confidential-

The Cubs are looking for a left-handed-hitting outfielder. The Reds have a few players who fit the bill, including Josh Hamilton, a player the Cubs claimed in the Rule 5 Draft before trading him to Cincinnati.

I would love to send Prior to the Reds for Hamilton!! You could have Hamilton play CF for the cubs and if you acquire a guy like Fukudome and play him in RF you would have one hell of a lineup. Tho it would take more than just Prior to get Hamilton. The Reds need pitching so a guy like Gallagher or Marshall might be included with Prior. Tho Marshall/Gallagher will probably be in the package for Roberts above so I don't know if a deal could be hammered out. If the Cubs could some how get Hamilton, Roberts, and Fukudome and only give up players like Epatt, Pie, Gallagher, Marshall, Prior, and maybe some prospects it would be worth it. Here would be the projected lineup if we got those 3 players-

1. Soriano LF

2. Roberts 2b

3. Dlee 1st

4. Fukudome RF

5. Aram 3b

6. Hamilton CF

7. Soto C

8. Theriot SS

Wow what a lineup!


If the Cubs could have pulled this off, Hendry would have gotten a medal!

Cubs Asked For Spilborghs
A note at the end of Troy Renck's column today: when the Rockies asked the Cubs about southpaw reliever Will Ohman, the Cubs asked for outfielder Ryan Spilborghs. Spilborghs hit 11 home runs in 264 ABs this year. The Rockies passed, and the Cubs went on to trade Ohman to the Braves.


BleedCubbieBlue33 said...

Actually there is no truth to the Hamilton rumor. The Cubs are interested in the Angels' Chone Figgins and have expressed their desire for him to play center field.

Joe said...

Man... that is alot to send for Roberts. But it sounds like Angelo wont bite unless we over pay. I like the idea of Roberts... and we need a guy like him for the IF... but at that price I feel like we can fill another need in a trade with another team. So I say if we can get Roberts for two players from the list of Marshall, E Patt, Gallagher, Prior, or the likes, then do it. If its gonna take a name such as Hill, Pie, or former first rounders like Colvin or Samardzija, then no thanks.