Sunday, December 02, 2007

5 things the Jim should do during the Winter Meetings.

I have 5 things Hendry needs "to do" during the winter meetings and here they are-

1. Sign Fukudome to a 3 year 40 million dollar contract loaded with perks and incentives to bring his dollar amount to 50+ million over the 3 years. He is the guy the Cubs need, he could bat 2nd or 4th in the lineup. He provides good power, defense, and a high on base percentage. He is worth the money!

2. Sign Kenny Lofton to a 2 year deal worth 17 million dollars. Kenny Lofton is a great club house guy, a good spark plug( he really helped us in 03 and helped the Indians in the playoffs this year), he provides a good backup plan in case Pie doesn't seem he can fill the starting role in CF next year.

3. Trade Prior to the Pads for a young talented pitcher and position player. Prior wants to pitch in San Diego, Towers wants him bad, so do the deal. He doesn't want to pitch for the Cubs and I say if he doesn't want to sign a 2 year deal or at least a one year deal with an option for next year then he doesn't want to be a Cub and goodbye.

4. Trade Epatt, Cedeno, and Ohman to Washington for Felipe Lopez( I would even consider trading Marshall for Lopez straight up).. Lopez provides decent power, good OBP, good glove, and he bats from both sides of the plate. He had a great 2005 year with the Reds and since has been just average but he has hit well at Wrigley and I have always liked the guy. Not to mention he is only 28 years old. We have no room for bad guys like Epatt( who has discipline problems) and Ohman( who ripped the training staff and coaches). Cedeno wouldn't be needed either with a combo of Derosa, Theriot, Lopez, and Font. This trade makes sense for both clubs!

5. Trade for a pitcher. The Cubs need another pitcher to add some depth, they can go into next season depending on a young kid and not have a backup plan. The Pirates are shopping Morris who would be a good fit. Kuroda would be a great pickup as a free agent but he wants to pitch in warm weather. I also feel players like Lohse and Silva want to much for what they are. And I don't feel we would have enough prospects for Santana, Harden, or Haren.. plus whoever loses out on Santana will offer a better package to Oakland than we could.

That is 5 things Jim needs to do during the winter meeting in my opinion. But that's just me, I could be wrong.


Kamel said...

I think Phil Rogers said Fuku might not make his decision to play in the MLB until after the winter meets.

I wouldnt mind seeing Lofton back... but a two year deal is too long. I know thats what it might take to get him... cause players are usually looking for some sort of job security... but the Cubs have to go in the direction of by 2009 Pie should win the job or have a younger, long term option in place starting 2008 than Lofton. Dont get me wrong... I like the guy... and for the past few years now he has proven everyone wrong about his declining skills by always steppin up in the postseason... but eventually time will catch up to him and we dont want to be the ones stuck with him when that happens in two years.

I am pissed of Prior seems to have no loyalty to the Cubs after all this time too... but there is a part of me that says the Cubs dont budge... even if we just end up going to arbitration and then let him test the market next year. I feel like the draft pick compensation might be more value than the possible prospects we get back for him.

I like the Lopez idea... but maybe one less name in the deal? Maybe just E Patt and Ohman? I know Cedeno would only clog an already crowded IF... but including him in this deal wouldnt make it worth it for us. Or maybe even Cedeno straight up for Lopez?

I think lookin for another SP should be near the top of this list. It keeps being downplayed by everybody... but we need to build a playoff ready rotation... not a get to the playoffs rotation. The Red Sox just won the World Series... have Beckett, Dice, Schilling, and a bunch of talented young arms... and yet they are STILL goin after Santana (although blocking the Yanks has some part in it I'm sure). Yet the Cubs are ok with their rotation of Zambrano, Lilly, Hill, Marquis, etc? We need one more power arm in there. I love the guys we had last season and for the most part they performed better than we expected... but better than is not playoff good enough.

On another note... MLB Rumors is saying Rockies are shopping lefty Brian Fuentes for a third or fourth starter. Maybe we can trade Marquis and Ohman for him?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on signing Lofton, and getting rid of Prior. I think they will land Faku, but should try to aquire Nady from the Pirates. Most importantly we need to weed out players that are worthless to us, especally Ohman.