Friday, December 07, 2007

3 team race for Fukudome. Prior and Roberts trade cooled. Hendry has a backup plan??

Thanks to MLBTR-

The Cubs, Padres, and White Sox are in on Kosuke Fukudome. It seems that both Chicago teams are willing to spend big bucks.
Wittenmyer's source indicates sparse interest in Mark Prior, though the Cubs have been shopping him. The Cubs could still choose to non-tender him on Wednesday rather than pay $3MM+. Seems like a reasonable gamble though.
The Orioles want to figure out their plans with Erik Bedard and Miguel Tejada before making a move with Brian Roberts, so talks with the Cubs have cooled. The O's want Sean Gallagher and a outfield prospect, but not Matt Murton. Could 22 year-old
Tyler Colvin be involved? Felix Pie is said to be off-limits. Colvin has drawn Steve Finley/Shawn Green comparisons from Baseball America.

According to sources the Cubs are leading in the signing of Fukudome. He wants a hitter friendly park, a place that is ready to contend now, and he wants a 3 year deal. All things the Cubs have to offer.
The Cubs are likely to pay Prior 3 million if a trade Inst meant by then. The O's, Blue Jays, Mariners, Padres, and Yankees are all have some intrest in Prior but talks have cooled.
As you seen in my previous post, Roberts will more than likely wont be traded until the O's trade Bedard or Tejeda. Its interesting that they don't want Murton but Colvin and Gallagher seem fair for Roberts. You can then send players like Marshall, Murton, Veal, or even Pie for a CF, upgrade at SS, or starting pitching.

A note from Jayson Stark's recent column is making the rounds - that the offers the Orioles were hearing for Erik Bedard were coming from the Blue Jays and Red Sox. Stark notes the strong improbability of Bedard being trade to a division rival.
The count of teams interested in Bedard reached 11 during the crazy Winter Meetings. The Red Sox are the 12th team.
Here's the tally: Phillies, Cardinals, Yankees, Mets, Mariners, Angels, Dodgers, D'Backs, Reds, Cubs, Red Sox, and Blue Jays. Toss out the AL East and we're at 9. Toss out the Phils and Cards for lack of top tier available youngsters too. That leaves us with these 7: Mets, Mariners, Angels, Dodgers, D'Backs, Reds, and Cubs.

Note that the Cubs almost had a trade worked out that sent Prior and a couple of other players for Tejeda and Bedard so there is some intrest there. I wonder if a trade for Bedard and Roberts is possiable. I dont think its likely but possiable.

Here is an interesting tidbit from the Tribune-

What the Cubs are doing—hoping the outfielder chooses to leave Japan and then opts to come to the Cubs—is a huge gamble, although general manager Jim Hendry claims he has fallback trade plans that would cost young talent as well as money.

I think it will be a decent name if we can land Fukudome. Maybe Drew??? Ibanez?? Markakis?? You know if it will cost money it probably wont be Ibanez or Markakis because they don't make that much, another option could be Dunn. His option was picked up for this year and he has a no trade clause until the middle of the year but he could waive it to come to the Cubs or any other team. Another name is Matsui, the Giants and Yankees were discussing him at the meetings, he also has a no trade clause and loves playing in NY so that possibility is slim. If you know any other names leave a comment. Please no Crawford, Tampa said he is untouchable since trading Young.


Kamel said...

Your reference to the Prior package trade for Tejada and Bedard... are you talking about from a couple seasons ago? Cause I dont remember that being rumored this off season.

As for plan B options if we lose out on Fuku... not much out there other than the names you brought up.

One thing is for sure... if we dont find a decent option... the JJ haters will find out how good JJ actually was. Not great... but good.

cubsfan82 said...

Yes, that was a couple of season's ago. I agree with the JJ haters. I was never against the Cubs dealing him, but I was also one to say that he needed a new eviorment. I wish JJ the best and he is on a very good team. Wouldnt you like that Tigers lineup!!