Sunday, December 02, 2007

Fukudome's decision coming???

Thanks to MLBTR-

Kosuke Fukudome is expected to make an official announcement soon on whether he will come to the Major Leagues for the 2008 season. Per Fukudome's agent, it's highly unlikely he stays in Japan. He wants only a three-year contract, no more. So who's after him?

Cubs: They're still after him, and Lou Piniella doesn't see why the failure to sign his acquaintance Kaz Matsui would have any bearing on it. The Cubs have a vacancy in right field plus perhaps a need to spell Felix Pie in center. They also could use a nice dose of OBP. Fukudome is a perfect fit.

White Sox: The Sox have openings in left and center and a strong need for OBP. Aaron Rowand and Torii Hunter are out of the picture, leaving Fukudome as a prime target. It's been said that the Cubs are prepared for a crosstown bidding war.

Padres: The Friars have already contacted Fukudome's agent. Kevin Towers has publicly expressed his interest. Fukudome could play left or center for the Padres.

Rangers: With a center field spot up for grabs, the Rangers have "serious interest."

Giants: In late October, it was said that they were "seriously interested."

Yankees, Red Sox: They've both scouted him, for what it's worth. Little doubt he could play a better center field than Johnny Damon, but it's hard to see where he could fit in with Boston since they've already got four starting outfielders.

Mets: They have a right field vacancy, but I haven't seen too many published reports indicating they're after him (as of now, I can't find any). Wouldn't surprise me to see Omar jump in here though.

I expect the Cubs to be front runners to land Fukudome and I also expect Fukudome to make a decision tomorrow or Monday. It makes since to make an announcement tomorrow so he can meet with clubs during the winter meetings. We all expect him to come to the US but you never know. It would be amazing if he announces he is coming to MLB and announces he will sign with the Cubs! We can all keep our fingers crossed!

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