Friday, December 07, 2007


Up to the minute- Fukudome is expected to make a decision on what team he will sign with by the weekend. So we should know what team will have Fukudome in the next 72 hours. updated at 3:47

Up to the minute- The Padres have already have an offer on the table of 3 years 36 million according to sources. He is expected to notify the Dragons he will not accept there offer in the next hour. The Cubs are rumored to have made an offer in the past hour of 3 years 45 million dollars. As for the mystery team, there is no official word on who it is or if they have made an offer. updated at 3:32

Ken Rosenthal reports that that Kosuke Fukudome will announce that he's leaving Japan for an MLB team. There was no doubt to me and many others that he will take the jump. Ken also stats that the Cubs, Pads, and a mystery team are the teams expected to land him. The Mystery team has to be either the Royals or White Sox I feel the Giants, Red Sox, and Rangers are also candidates but wont be as strong as the Cubs, Pads, Royals or White Sox.

I will keep you informed on any rumors or information I hear on Fukudome.

Come on Jim get Fukudome!

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