Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Roberts deal wont include Hill!

Thanks to ESPN-

10:03 p.m., from Amy Nelson• If Brian Roberts is traded to the Cubs, it's believed that it might not happen until the Orioles complete a trade for either Erik Bedard or Miguel Tejada. According to a source with knowledge of Baltimore's trade talks, the O's have had so much interest in their players that they "have a lot on their table." But the relationship between Andy McPhail and Cubs GM Jim Hendry dates back several years, so a trade could happen faster than it would with other clubs. Rich Hill, originally thought to be part of a deal, is currently not in the discussions. Instead, Chicago likely would send upper-level prospects to Baltimore. Among the names being considered are Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher, Felix Pie and Donnie Veal .

Sounds like a Three way is about to be made. Cubs, Angels, O's trade makes perfect sense. They could use either Tejeda or Bedard!


Anonymous said...

Works for me as long as Hill isnt included. Great work on the frequent updates! Keep it coming!

Unknown said...

This is the quote of the offseason for me. This is Jerry Cransick on's ongoing wint meet blog updates:

"When teams bring up Rich Hill's name in trade talks with the Cubs, general manager Jim Hendry counters with Jason Marquis."

He continues on saying "Hendry has made it known that he's not going to move Hill or center fielder Felix Pie unless he receives an offer that blows him away."