Wednesday, December 09, 2009

WInter Meetings Day 3- Late Edition

UPDATE- 9:10 pm- According to Baseball Prospectus the Cubs, Jays, and Rays are working on a three way trade that would send Bradley to the Rays, Burrell to the Jays, and the Cubs getting prospects from the Jays. Instead of prospects I am hearing the Cubs would obtain Lyle Overbay and that the Jays would also receive Micah Hoffpauir in the deal. The Cubs would then spin Overbay to another team. My guess is the Mets for Castillo.

- Bradley is still a Cub and maybe a Cub after tomorrow and into Spring Training.

- They mystery team was uncovered today as the Red Sox. The Cubs wanted Lowell for Bradley but the trade was denied. If the trade had gone through then the Cubs would have traded Lowell to another team. Someone like the Giants.

- Hendry indicated there is no deadline to trade Bradley and that he does not have to trade him in order to make improvements. Here is my question, then why have you not improved this team yet Jim!? Sign Cameron to play CF, sign Sheffield or Vlad to platoon in RF with Fukudome, and go get an everyday proven 2nd baseman. At least do that Jim!

- The Cubs will not release Bradley. That is a no brainer, they are hurting for cash.

- I am starting to think we need a new GM. Hendry has made some great trades in the past but last offseason and this Bradley situation is getting annoying. He has handled Bradley the wrong way and should have not made it look like he HAD to trade him. Jim also did too much "tinkering" last season by trading DeRosa, not offering Wood arbitration, signing Miles, trading for Gregg, and trading for Heilman. This season he made the mistake by not offering arbitration to Harden and the Bradley situation. He seems to me Jim is on the decline right now and unless he pulls a rabbit I think we need someone new as our GM.

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Anonymous said...

If Hendry is saying he can improve the team without moving Bradley, than what he really means is: "No one will take Bradley off of our hands, so we are stuck with him. We are going to move on and try to add a really cheap piece or two now, in hopes that we can dump him later, but don't hold your breath. He will probably be here until his contract runs out."

Anonymous said...

I think that only way Bradley gets out of Chicago is with a buy-out. No one is going to take that head-case for the contract he has.

ivorybanger said...

It's too early to fire Jimbo. As I have read it, here are the top two gripes with him:
1) the enormous backloaded longterm contracts
2) last offseason
I believe that the new ownership can take care of problem #1 with the more farsighted approach that comes with real live owners. As for last offseason, sure it was awful, but he's one Milton Bradley contract away from totally undoing it and starting fresh. Are they the most economically efficient team? Heck no. How many holes do they have? Not many, 3 at the most. In Chicago, the latter matters much, much more than the former.

Anonymous said...

youve got to calm down, i know people want to kill themselves because the cubs are not making moves, but you have got to realize the players on this team will not win a World series. They can't even win a playoff game. My question would be when are you going to tear this thing apart and rebuild.

Anonymous said...

COMPLETELY 100% agree with your sentiments about Jim. The actions he took last off season were inexcusable, and this off season seems to be another train wreck as well.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I't easy to blame the GM. But i remember when the cubs signed Soriano, Fukudome and Bradley. Each time we were all excited about
what may happen. These guys at one time could play ball. Is it the day games, the pressure put on by the sports wrters, or the goat.
What i don't like is the moves he's made the last 2 years. Wuertz for Robnett and Sellers. Wuertz does great for oak. Robnett and Sellers are a bust. Marquis for Vizcaino. Marquis pitches great Vizcaino was cut out of spring training. And not offering Arbitration to Gregg or Harden this year and Wood last year. Not protecting Mcgehee or Veal last year. And not protecting Snyder or Diamond this year.
Getting Gorzelanny and Grabow was a good move. and getting Stevens, Gaub and Archer for Derosa is to early to tell. Then there was Gathright, Gaudin, Freel. Miles. I started out sticking up for our GM but the more i write the more i agree with you.

Unknown said...

If Hendry does not make the playoffs this year I think him and 'ole crane are gone. Hendry has been a bad GM since 2005.

TBDS said...

You're starting to think the Cubs need a new GM. For the second straight offseason, the team is handcuffed as it tries to unload a big money contract signed by Hendry, who outbid no one but himself to get.

Last year, the Cubs not only let go of Jason Marquis, but paid for the guy they got in return for Marquis to not pitch for the team.

This year, it's Bradley. This whole situation could have been avoided if the Cubs had a smarter GM than Hendry.

Hope you're ready for Soriano, Fukudome, Bradley from left to right in 2010!

ivorybanger said...

MLBTR reporting that the Cubs talked to Ben Sheets' agent. Also read that he is seeking $12M, but not sure that the market would sustain that. I'd love to see him in Cubbie Blue at the right price, maybe a ~$6M or so contract loaded with incentives. Not sure how realistic that is. He figures to sign much later in the offseason though unless someone steps forward to overpay him.