Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quick Hits....

- Jim has met with Gary Close about Ben Sheets.

- The Cubs have interest in Scott Podsednik.

- Bob Nighengale says the Cubs are close to trading Bradley and it will likely be to the Rays while Tim Brown of Yahoo says the trade is in fact close but it is not with the Rays. That was last updated at 3:00 pm and no word since.

- The Cubs selected Mike Parisi in the Rule 5 Draft today.

- On a side note, I think it is time for the Cubs to do a mini fire sale. Players like Soriano, Zambrano, Fukudome, and Bradley need to go. Expenisve players like Aramis Ramirez, Derrek Lee, Ted Lilly, and Ryan Dempster should stay because they are good teammates and good ball players. I also think players like Theriot, Baker Wells, Marmol, Soto, etc should in fact stay with the Cubs because they are under control for a while. While players like Fontenot, maybe Marshall, Hoffpauir, and Patton do not belong either. Getting rid of these players and even a quarter of each of there contracts could really help the Cubs find out what young kids are ready for the big leagues and what players in the market make sense to the Cubs to pick up.

They just need to knock off this trading away little money here, little money there, and start making moves like you either want to win a World Series or rebuild. Tinkering around by mediocre trades and talent are not going to work. Plain and simple.

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Anonymous said...

I am starting to feel like the idea of a small fire sale could benefit as well. Seems like they're looking towards 2011 and 2012 with players like Castro, Jackson, Cashner, Vitters, and Hak-Ju Lee nearing their MLB debut. Each of those guys could turn out to be excellent players and some, possibly, superstars. I like the idea of keeping them. Most Cub fans in the forums would rather trade them all. They can't win next year even if they make a big trade for one franchise player. Not while the Yankees are plotting another set of Dynasty years. Takes much more.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

At the end of next year Lee and Lilly are free agents and both will be gone. I'm not sure what excuse the cubs will use but it will be a good one i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

One of your best posts in a good while. Thank you. Pick a side Cubbies, rebuild or actually try to win. Who really cares about getting rid of miles, fox, and not signing Harden. The key guy this off season that effort should have been given to trade is Soriano. We can't see that though, he is the weight on the bottom of the cubs' legs. Big money for a lazy outfielder that no one gets along with on the team. I was in the Cubs system last year in spring training (was cut 3 weeks into it haha) but it was fun to get around some of the big league guys. NONE of them liked Soriano. Not surprising.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for trading Sori and Bradley but not Z and Fuke. Fuke does not have a long term deal and although he's getting paid a ton, he won't be around much longer. Z is a starting pitcher and I know he doesn't throw like an ace but he's still a starting pitcher. Had he become a free agent there isn't a major market team in baseball that wouldn't have given him just as much or more money over the same period of time.

allan jb said...

You have to have buyers in order to make a sale.