Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Winter Meetings Day 2- Midday

Here is some rumors and notes for today so far-

- Cubs.com reported that the Cubs were close to completing a three team trade that would have sent Bradley to Tampa, Burrell to NY, and Castillo to Chicago but the Mets want to wait and see if they can land Bay or Holliday.

- The Cubs have talked to four teams about Bradley. The Rays, Rangers, Mets, and now Royals have all talked to the Cubs about Bradley.

- Jayson Stark said two or three more new teams have expressed interest in Bradley. I am hearing two possibilities are the Orioles and Braves.

- Levine said the Cubs could still spin Bradley for Castillo in a multi-team trade.

- The Tribune is reporting that the Cubs best shot is to trade Bradley to the Rays for Burrell then send Burrell to the Blue Jays for prospects. I am also hearing a 4 team trade could be in the works involving the Rays (Burrell), Mets (Castillo), Cubs (Bradley), and Jays (Overbay). The scenario is the same as the three team trade but instead the Jays get Burrell and the Mets get Overbay.

- Hendry said he talked to 6 teams about Bradley Monday.

- The Tribune says the Mets involving Luis Castillo in a Pat Burrell/Bradley trade is dead. They will not be saying that when it happens today or tomorrow. I honestly think by Thursday the Cubs will be rid of Bradley and have Luis Castillo is cubbie blue.

- Jim Hendry said he has spoke with "some teams" about options that have not been discussed.

- There is also a rumor that the Cubs could in fact be talking to the Royals about Alberto Callaspo and not Bradley or Meche. Even though the Cubs have been linked to Meche in the past. Could this be the other "options" Hendry is talking about?

- Big Z is working hard and has already lost 15 pounds. GO Z!

- Kaplan reports that Hendry can make moves or signings that put him over the payroll limit set by Ricketts, as long as he meets the budget number by Opening Day.

- The Cubs have interest in Brandon Lyon but only for the right price.

More as it develops.....

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