Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Meetings Day 3-Early Edition

Here is the latest from Gordon Wittenmyer-

- He says the Cubs are "ready to pull the trigger" on the Bradley trade as soon as the other team is. He states the other team is not Texas or Tampa. We have also heard it is not the Royals, Mets, M's, or Jays from other sources. We have heard it is indeed an AL team. I have heard it is either the Yankees or the Orioles. Do you have nay guesses?

- A Cubs source denies interest in Melky Cabrera.

- Their is no truth to the Bradley for Silva rumors. Thank goodness!

- The Cubs remain interested in J.J. Putz.

- Mike Cameron is at or near the top of the Cubs CF wish list.

- When the Cubs move Milton they could be in the market for a mid-level starter.


- The Sun-Times talked to a couple of sources that expect Cameron to sign with the Cubs.

- Kaplan feels a deal is in place that would send Bradley to the Rays and Burrell to the Cubs then Burrell to an unnamed team. Gordon Wittenmyer and Carrie Muskat have a different story though.

- The Mets are still not interested in Bradley but still are trying to move Luis Castillo to the Cubs according to the Tribune.

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Anonymous said...

Deal is with the O's for Roberts and Mora. Bradley, Jay Jackson, Chris Carpenter, Hak Ju Lee, Sean Marshall.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Since Ricketts will only let the cubs eat 5 million of Bradleys salary. See if the mets would eat 3 or 4 million of Castillos salary.
That way the cubs could get rid of Bradley and 8 or 9 million of his salary. Maybe the cubs should shop Fukudome and keep Bradley, if they get rid of Brsdley its going to cost them big time.

allan jb said...


Nick I Cub Fan said...

It was so windy today i was blown all the way to indiana where i found out there were NO takers for BRADLEY.
Cards get Penny
Brewers get Wolf and Hawkins
Houston get Linstrom
Pitsbugh get Iwamura
Cubs get more rumors all false but the writers are having a good time with Cub fans.