Friday, December 11, 2009

Lots of Talk... No Action....

- The Cubs are expected to tender contracts to Fonty, Koyie Hill, Sean Marshall, Jeff Baker, and Angel Guzman. They are not going to tender Cotts though but could sign him to a minor league deal to rehab.

- The Cubs acquired righty Arismendy Mota from the Nats for cash considerations. Mota has a career 3.73 ERA with a 12-14 record in 44 games started in his minor league career. I think this kid will make the team and take Patton's position on the roster. He went 7-2 with a 1.81 ERA in 16 games in the Dominican Summer League last season.

- Levine says there is a deal still on that table that would send Burrell to the Cubs for Bradley.

- Levine also says that the Red Sox are still interested in Bradley.

- Rick Ankiel may be looking for a 3 year deal worth big money. If that is the case the Cubs are not interested.

- Joel Pineiro is a name the Cubs are interested in but he could out price the Cubs. Seems likes the same thing we have been hearing about everyone on the market.

- The Cubs are interested in utility man Alfredo Amezaga. He could be non-tendered soon so the Cubs could get him for pretty cheap if they wait.

- The Cubs made offers to the Tigers for Granderson before he was traded to the Yankees but the Cubs did not match up well with the Tigers.

- Sullivan thinks Bradley will be gone by Christmas while Jim thinks the Cubs will "make a deal or two" before the holidays.

- According to sources close to the Cubs they have interest in CF Chris Young. Young who has struggled to produce a high average and OBP but has good power and speed has caught the interest of the Cubs. Young is owed 17 million over they next 4 seasons with a 11 million dollar club option for 2014. The Dbacks could be looking to relieve some payroll by dealing Young and the Young could benefit from new hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. I think the Cubs would be better off targeting Rajai Davis but that is just my opinion. Or how about dealing Bradley to the Dbacks for Byrnes and Young? The Cubs would only be taking on an additional 7 million over the length of the contracts while filling CF and a platoon partner for Fukudome in RF. Sounds good to me!

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Anonymous said...

Why would the Red Sox be interested in a mal-content like Bradley?

Joe said...

I like the Bradley for Young and Byrnes if Arizona is willing to dance.

I dont get the deal for Mota from the Nats for money. We are supposedly strapped for cash as it is... and if I remember correctly the Nats sent their entire bullpen down to the minors in a one or two day span early in the 2009 season. If what they had is so bad... I dont see why they would trade any arm remotely close to being a warm body away. The minors numbers dont stand out although the summer league numbers do. But average minor league pen arms are not what we should be wasting our time on. Our young major league pen needs a vet arm or two to help lead the way in 2010.

Anonymous said...

You can't really be surprised by the "Lots of talk no action" they do it every year. The Cubs are kings at creating big stories and smokescreens to make it seem like they are actually trying to do all these things that they really aren't trying to do. The only thing I think they have really ACTUALLY put effort into is getting rid of Bradley, but who is going to want him? Like I have been saying all along. BRADLEY WILL STAY, unless they release him or literally give him away. Either way, prepare to be very upset, because either one of those options pretty much spells failure for 2010.

Anonymous said...

As someone else said, it's the same thing every year.

Jim Hendry just cannot seem to multitask. He gets fixated on one thing, and then seems to forget the other problems of the team.

We waited forever until Sosa was gone, and then we end up with Burnitz.

Then it was the inevitable Brian Roberts trade that never happened. Only to see another horrible offseason.

This year, more of the same. We are hearing there are money issues, but we are giving cash to the Nats for a rule 5 pick, we just signed Grabow to top dollar when there are numerous Grabows on the market, and they have decided to give Fontenot another contract and he is a AAAA player. What a waste of money.

Yet, we don't have the cash to do anything until Bradley is gone.

And people can blame Bradley all the want.

He is what we knew he was. Yet, Hendry decided to take a 3 year risk on him when the last 2 should have been option years.

I'm just looking forward to the day when Crane Kenney and Jim Hendry are gone. Heck, I'll go help pack for free if it speeds up the process. They're horrible.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I agree with Joe, last year it was Patton and he was a waste too.
Anonymous the red sox are tired of often injured Drew. The salaries are off by a couple million.
What i worry about is next year if Lee and Lilly go then Ramirez has a player option next year and he may go. Then the cubs will make Sandberg the manager, and tell everyone hes good with the rookie players. All the kids will be brought up to play.