Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dodgers, Cubs, Rangers, and Mets trade???

Okay this maybe just speculation or coincidence but here it goes. The Dodgers are looking to shop Juan Pierre and the 2 year 18.5 million left on his deal. They are reportedly discussing a three or four team deal that would net them a bad contract starter. So here is some speculation on my part-

Three team deal-
Cubs get Juan Pierre
Rangers get Milton Bradley
Dodgers get Kevin Millwood

Four team deal-
Cubs get Luis Castillo
Rangers get Milton Bradley
Mets get Juan Pierre
Dodgers get Kevin Millwood

Each deal has good/bad things with it. If the Cubs had a spot in LF open for Pierre I would welcome the trade but he just does not fit in CF, and the other two spots in the outfield are taken. The four team deal is definitely the best scenario and the most likely. I just wonder what bad contract starter could be coming to LA? Any ideas?

Just speculating.... Can't wait until Monday...

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Millwood's contract is only 10 million, so money wise that won't work. I do think if Bradley is traded it will be to the Rays. Bradley, Marshall, Stevens and 5 million cash for Burrell and Wheeler.