Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sweet Lou like lineup. Cubs could get Lopez and Roberts??

Sweet Lou added today that he will keep the lineup how it is having Theriot lead off, followed by Soriano, Lee, Aram, and Fukudome. He believes Fuk in the 5th spot provides protection for Aram and I agree. I think this could be posturing for the Roberts trade in which Roberts would lead off and Theriot would hit 7th behind Soto. Either way I like the lineup how it is!

You heard earlier today that Lopez was being scouted by the Cubs as a possible backup plan to Roberts. I see Lopez as merely a backup middle infielder and feel maybe Font, Cedeno, or Cintron could fill the two backup positions instead of Lopez but I still like the idea of getting Felipe, especially if all he cost is a PTBNL. I think Lopez could be traded to the Cubs even if the Cubs get Roberts. My theory is maybe the O's want Cedeno and/or Fontenot in a deal leaving the Cubs with Eric Patterson and Derosa a the backup middle infielders. If that is the case Lopez would be a good fit. I would love the combination of Derosa and Lopez coming off the bench and filling for guys. Both have a good bat and it would really strengthen the bench!

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