Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lots of Cubs Updates.

- Andy MacPhail, Brian Roberts, and his agent met yesterday after the all star 2nd baseman voiced his displeasure with trade rumors and inactivity. The meeting lasted 20 mins and it is said that "nothing has changed" according to his agent. I still think the deal will get done this week!( of course we have heard that for 3 months now)

- According to Buster Onley, if the Cubs acquire Brian Roberts, Derosa would want to compete for the starting SS job. I suggested this a while back and think Dero would be great at SS and he has a better bat than Theriot. It would also let Theriot assume the super utility role and do not forget he played some center last year. Makes sense to me!

- The Cubs are still keeping an eye on Crisp and may try to send Marquis there sometime this week for CoCo.

- According to ML sources, Marquis the the odd man out in the rotation and should be traded sometime this week. Marquis will be put in the pen but will likely demand a trade once offered the long relief role. Leaving the Cubs no choice but to trade the righty.

- Lou wants a back up centerfielder bad. He does not want to go into the season with Fukudome as his backup centerfielder so look for a deal to get done soon. He also says that the guy has to be either a switch-hitter, right-handed, or at least hit leftys well. As well as play the corner positions in the outfield. I like the idea of Willits, Crisp(only if he comes off the bench), Raburn, and Lofton for that job!

- The Cubs have not had talks about Weurtz being traded. Although the Phils have interest in the young righty but don't have too much to offer that would interest the Cubbies.

- The Jays have just released Reed Johnson and the Cubs have some interest. He is a good defensive outfielder that is right handed and can handle the bat well. Could be the 4th outfielder we are looking for here is his stats-


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Reed Johnson could be had without giving up anybody. He batted .325 with an OBP of 381 against left handed pitching. He's not a Willits or Raburn but he's free. I may be the only guy on Hot Stove Cubbies that thinks Marquis will have a better year than Lieber. I also think Marshall is better than both of them. I would love the Cubs to trade all three for a top notch pitcher. I also think Marmol is better than Wood, or Howry, and should be the closer. I even think Wuertz is better than Wood or Howry. And i would trade Eyre and pitch Pignatiello. Just my opinion.

Joe said...

Can Reed John play CF? If so, what are we waiting for.

nick i... I wouldnt count out Marq having a better year than Lieb... but I think we can both agree it would be like trying to see which is better... a Honda or a Toyota... neither is no BMW.

I have to admit I was anti Marq because he is known for his 2nd half slumps. But if this Spring has truely been a competition for spots in the rotation... then it should be Z, Lilly, Demp, Lieber, Marq coming out of camp and Hill the odd man out. I am very surprised this hasnt even been mentioned by any of the "experts" in the media or even from the coaches. Unless Hill is out of options, I dont see how this hurts us.

Marmol is better than Wood or Howry, but unfortunately right now Marmol is more valuable as a set up because he can go two innings if necessary. And we are going to need him early because Howry always starts out slow.

I also think we have room in the pen for both Eyre and Pig. I havent seen Pig in Spring action... so maybe Lou sees something we dont... but based on his numbers he looks worthy of a job as the 2nd lefty out of the pen. And if Eyre is out into the start of the season... then Pig definitely should get the shot. I dont think Marshall did well in his couple relief appearances and as written in the post... Marshall should just be sent to AAA to continue gaining experience as a SP.

traderumor said...

As you probably know, Piniella made Lieber the odd man out which is a big surprise because like you said, every report had Dempster and Lieber as locks. I honestly thought that Lieber had a rotation spot securely wrapped up and yes I think the fact Marquis complained and the fact the Cubs couldn't trade him affected Lou's decision. The fact that Lieber didn't mind going to the bullpen made Piniella's decision easier.