Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cubs don't need Inge or Thames. Cubs scouting Lopez.

The Chicago Sun-Times says today that the Cubs have had not talks with the Tigers about Thames or Inge and acquiring them would not make any sense to the Cubs and I agree. The Cubs are currently looking at players that can help Pie out in Centerfield. Here is my list of guys-

Reggie Willits
Ryan Spilborghs
Ryan Raburn
CoCo Crips
Kenny Lofton
Marlon Byrd
Ryan Freel
Melky Cabrera
Gary Matthews
Randy Winn

In other notes the Cubs have begun to scout Felipe Lopez. Lopez has not done anything since being traded to Washington( which is not hitter friendly). Lopez is a 29 year old switch hitter than can play all infield positions. His numbers have really decreased since leaving Cincy which you can check out here-

The only way I see Lopez deal working is if he is a player coming off the bench to relieve Theriot or Derosa. He would be a switch hitter which would really benefit this team. The Cubs do have Font and Cedeno but both have peaks and valleys in there bat production and both have fielding problems when they leave there comfortable positions on the field. If we get Lopez for a PTBNL I would be all for it, maybe being back in a hitter friendly park would help him put up numbers like he did in 05??? Probably wishful thinking.


Glacier said...

anyone think they can/will get both lopez and roberts? i hope they do. lopez sucks defensivily but our defene is good enough. his offense output is way better than theriot

el gigante said...


Please put the crack pipe down. Lopez hit in the .240's last year with 600+ AB's. Good offense?!? No, that offensive!