Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hendry wants to make more moves and other hot rumors.

According to the Sun-Times yesterday Hendry is not satisfied with the roster how it is. Jim said

''We're going to have to add somebody before Opening Day. I can't say for sure because you are going to have to acquire somebody from somewhere else, but we are going to have to add at least another outfielder to be in the mix off the bench -- from the right side.''

Jim seems frustrated with rumors surrounding his club and feels it is effecting his team. Maybe being straight forward with the media will help ease the tension and slow down the speculation??( Not likely). The Cubs have been linked to Crisp, Byrd, Willits, among others for that 4th spot in the outfield. Jim is still trying to hammer out a deal with the O's for Roberts but if a deal does get done it will likely be right before opening day.

Lou is going to play Fukudome in CF the next couple of games to see if he can handle it. There just trying to find out who will be the back up in center considering Pie has the job and Fuld will start in AAA. Lou even said

''I said we weren't going to keep both young center fielders [Felix Pie and Sam Fuld] here. I'm going to have to play Fukudome in center a little bit this week.''

In my opinion it looks like maybe they might be posturing for Fukudome to take over in CF and put the hot hitting Hoffpauier in RF. Though it is a possibility it is still unlikely. I honestly think they are just seeing if Fukudome can handle center in case of an injury or if Pie does not work out. Smart decision for Lou.


I had one of my readers bring this to my attention, the idea of the Cubs pursing the A's Todd Linden. Here is the tidbit from MLBTR-

Outfielder Todd Linden hit .353/.421/.482 in 85 Spring Training at-bats in 2007. That and the fact that he was out of options helped him snag the Giants' fourth outfielder job that year. Linden can play all three outfield positions. However, the Giants designated Linden for assignment on May 10th after just 55 ABs. The Marlins picked him up and he fared a bit better. But they were still able to pass him through waivers to send him to Triple A in June.

This year the 27 year-old boasts a spring line of .577/.633/.885 in 26 ABs. Nonetheless, the A's decided not to take him with to Japan. That means he's not making the team, and Linden understandably isn't happy about it. The versatile switch-hitter should be able to hook on somewhere as a fourth outfielder.

I like the idea of the Cubs going after this guy. He is a switch hitter that can obviously handle the bat and all outfield positions. He is listed as a Centerfielder and I think he would be a nice fit for the Cubs fourth outfield spot, not to mention he won't cost much.

If the Cubs are that worried about dealing for a 4th outfielder they should just sign Kenny Lofton. I know the Cubs want a right handed or switch hitting outfielder that can play all positions but Lofton has hit lefties just as well as righties. Lofton's career avg. against lefties is .287 and against righties it is .304. Lofton provides good speed, great OBP, decent defense, and a good clubhouse guy. He is familiar with the outfield at Wrigley and has a lot of post season success. I would go after him if you can't not get a guy like Byrd, Crisp, Linden, or Willits. My first choice is of course Willits, I think you can get him for Marquis or maybe Marshall.


The Cubs are still trying to get Roberts from the O's, regardless of reports saying talks have slowed. Sean Gallagher is expected to get a start where he will be auditioning for Oriole scouts. The O's are currently looking at utility infielder Mark Loretta as a possible replacement for Roberts. So it seems things are forming but they just have not came together.


Kamel said...

I was going to ask you the same thing when I saw that Linden was released. Has had good Springs the last two years. But doesnt have great numbers in reg season so far. But as mentioned, a low risk option because it wont require alot of money or prospects in trade like the other options.

Fuku in CF to open up a spot for Hoff in RF is an interesting idea. I would actually like to open the season that way. This way we can see if Hoff can continue his hot hitting into the reg season and allow Pie another week or two to get ready after he missed about a week due to his private injury.

Anyone notice cubs.com? The mainpage with the headline for todays Spring game shows Marquis. In the caption it mentions Marquis is slated to start the season as the 4th starter.

But I havent read this anywhere else, including in an article on cubs.com. Its just the caption. Typo or are they moving Hill to the 5th spot as someone else suggested in the last post or maybe even take my idea of starting Hill out in extended Spring and test driving the 3 vet RH SPs for a start or two in April to see who will stick against reg season hitting?

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I agree with your first choice Willits. Byrd is o.k. but Crisp is injured and not a team player anyway. Linden to platoon with Pie no way,115 at bats in the majors he batted .245 and struck out once ever 3 at bats. I also see where the PTBNL for Monroe could be Lahey. That way we could send him to AAA and not lose him.