Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wood will be name Closer?? Spring Training News.

Lou said yesterday he is leaning toward giving Kerry Wood the closer job this season. He feels that setup men actually pitch more during the season and feels Woody will be a better fit than Marmol because Carlos can handle more innings. I agree with Lou, Wood has shown all Spring that he can handle the duties of being a closer. He throws hard, has a nice slider, and still throwing his curve from time to time. I also like Marmol in the shut down role. He one of the lowest ERA for a reliever last season and can be that shut down pitcher in the 7th or 8th inning. Howry and Eyre can fit the bill for situation pitching and Hart can be used as a long reliever or even in the late innings. I like this move by Lou and think all pitchers included will succeed in there roles. Look for Wood to get 30+ saves this season.

In Spring Training News, Fukudome collided with White Sox second baseman Mike Rouse yesterday after the 2nd baseman bobbled the ball. Fukudome flipped over Mike and landed hard on the ground. Asked if the was injured he said "I'm fine."

Lou has a little bit of a problem. Where to play Micah Hoffpauir?? Micah is making it tough on Lou, he keeps hitting, he can play 1st base, and the corner spots in the outfield. Unfortunately for Hoffpauir he is blocked by Lee, Soriano, and Fukudome. Lou still may give him more AB and try him at different positions. Lou has said " if you can hit your way on to this team, we can find a spot for you". Micah has definitely done that!


Nick I Cub Fan said...

In the national league Marmol was no.1 and Wuertz was no.2 in 2007 not allowing inherited runs to score. So far in spring training they both have ERA's 0.00 And if you add Wood,Howry,Hart,Lahey and Eyre. that's 7 Which leaves Marshall and Pignatiello, (ERA 0.00) out. Plus 6 starters there will be more than 1 trade in the next 2 weeks.

Joe said...

Hoff is lookin good. It does suck that there is no where to put him. And its not like Ward has been struggling either.

So I dont see him making the team right away... because we need more a middle IF on the bench than another lefty PH than can play 1B and the corners (Wards job).

If Cintron isnt the same after being hit in the face... I can see Font taking the other bench spot. He looked good on that last out of todays game at SS.