Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cubbie Rumors and Notes

Got a lot catching up to do-

- Wood was held out of yesterdays game because of back spasms but came back today pitching one inning. He stuck out two, gave up one run on two hits.

- Lieber looks like he will be in the rotation starting opening day. Last night proved it again, he pitched 5 innings with scattering 7 hits, 1 run, and stuck out 4. Lieber has a outstanding 1.80 era this Spring. I would be amazed if he is not in the rotation opening day.

- The Cubs trimmed the roster today sending Sean Gallagher and Jose Ascaino to AAA Iowa while sending Josh Kroeger to minor league camp.

- Hill looked awful today. He pitched 1.1 innings give up 6 BB, 2 ER, while giving up one hit. His ERA is 7.11 this Spring. I think Hill might be on his way out of the rotation if he does not shape up. Currently Dempster, Lieber, Marquis, and Marshall all have an ERA under 4.50. I would not be opposed to have Lieber, Marquis, and Dempster in the rotation to start the year. They proved themselves this Spring.

- The Cubs seem concerned with Pie and I do not see why. Pie has played good defense this Spring and has hit well. Pie deserves the job in center. John Heyman said that Crisp, Payton, and Byrd are likely trade candidates for the Cubs. I think they should look at Reggie Willits.

- The Cubs are in a holding pattern. They are still awaiting word on what the O's want in a deal for Roberts and if they will also get Payton in the deal as well. The Cubs are very frustrated with the Orioles and you can really tell from Jim and Lou's comments the past weeks.

- It is rumored that the Cubs and Mets have interest in Kenny Lofton. The Cubs are awaiting word on potential trades before the sign the 41 year old Lofton. I would not be opposed to this. If you have visited this site before you know how much I like Kenny.


Glacier said...

no chance hill doesnt make the team. that is crazy. Its spring training curveballs dont break as much in arizona. hes fine. screw marquis and dempster... i hate both thoses guys

Anonymous said...

hill's just having problems with his command
read, rothchild and piniella feel they can fix the situation.
AND Lou already said that Z, Lilly, and Hill were in the rotation.