Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear readers and posters.

I am getting a lot of messages that say there from one person but they are actually not from them. They do this by adding the person's signature at the bottom of the page. I have one person trying to say that he is Nick I ( a dedicated reader and poster here) and I know that is not him for the reason it does not sound like him and Nick I would not use the immature language that this person uses.

So I suggest to everyone to sign in using a screen name instead of Anonymous. If you feel more comfortable to use Anonymous then that is fine. It will just be hard for someone to try to act like you if you sign in under a screen name. Plus it lets me give you credit if you send me a breaking story or rumor!

If you have any questions please let me know.



Anonymous said...

That is one of the things i like msot about commenting on your site. I like that you do not have to have a registered name. That is why i do not like posting on mlbtr or bcb all that much. But keep up the good work and try getting some more people onto this site. keep up with atleast something new each day. Maybe try and add some other fun stuff to the site Ex. predictions or something fun like that.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I am sorry if i upset anyone bad enough to trash me. And thank you cubsfan82 for bringing it to my attention. You're right i would not print anything that may offend someone. I may make an exception if the cubs trade Hill. The good news is with help from my friends i learned how to get a screen name. So no more signing off with Nick I

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Murton talks have fizzled with Padres and Rangers. Maybe Boston could use Murton if they trade Crisp.

Unknown said...

MLB Rumors says Brewers toying with idea of batting Kendall 9th and pitcher 8th. Braun will bat 2nd and Fielder 3rd... theoretically creating a 3/4 type order after the initial go around in the order.

Anyone got some good stories of their attempts to get Cubs tickets yesterday?

cubsfan82 said...

Glacier I appreciate your comments and ideas, I love running this site and will keep up with the updates, and try to add new things like "prospect spotlight" which is something I am working on to let everyone know on up and coming prospects that could have an impact on the Cubs in the coming years. I am also looking into getting new ways to give you the lastest rumors with either audio or video. I have some friends and readers we might try to explore doing something like that but it is just in the prelimanry stages.

I will do my best and keep reading and posting!

Pass the word on too!!!!