Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cubs Notes.

-It seems that Lou really likes Jose Ceda. He is a 6'4, 245lbs. power righty that could win a spot in the pen. Lou says he likes hit stuff and it's hard not to look past his 23 innings scoreless streak in A ball. He likes his stuff and I would not be surprised if he wins a roster spot even though it is likely he starts in AAA Iowa.

- Fukudome and many other players were very patient in the first batting practice this week. Of the 12 pitches Fukudome saw he swung at 2 of them. Lou says he likes the approach and feels we will have a very patient team at the plate which the Cubs struggled with last season.

- Ronny Cedeno is out of options and it seems he is likely to make the team as a utility player or traded in the Roberts deal( if it even happens).

- Lou thinks Jeff Samardzija could make his Cubs debut this Summer. He likes what he has done in his short time with the organization,

- The Cubs have 4 guys that are actually fighting for the starting CF spot and all 4 are lefty's. Felix Pie, Sam Fuld, Tyler Colvin, and Eric Patterson. It seems that Tyler Colvin and Eric Patterson will start in AAA Iowa next season and the actual battle will be between Fuld and Pie. Lou has already said that Pie is the front runner but do not count out Fuld. Speaking of AAA Iowa, what a team they will have next season if no one is traded.


Anonymous said...

cubsfan82 i'm not the smartest guy when it comes to computers, i think you probably are. I was wondering if you or anyone else heard any trade rumors about Spilborghs C.F. rockies. I like him and Willits. I don't like cry baby Crisp, he's not a team player. And Byrd is a career 273 hitter that can't steal a base. Nick I

Anonymous said...

Joe thanks for answering me on the Cintron deal, i guess that makes the deal a little easier to take. Nick I

cubsfan82 said...

Nick I-

I am not as good with computers as you think lol but I have heard rumblings early this offseason that the Cubs were intrested in Spilly. The Cubs tryed to trade Ohman for him straight up and was laughed at. They value him very much and would want a good solid young pitcher or infielder in return. Maybe Gallagher and Eric Patterson could get talks rolling. They also think Helton may be done soon so they might have intrest in Hoffpauier. Not sure if there still talking but I will let you know if I hear anything. I would love to see Willits on this team next year. He would be great off the bench and the Angels have too many outfielder as it is. I can see a deal going down. I would prefer Spilly over Willits but not by much. Willits might cost less for players tho.

Byrd and Crisp would be my last option. The Cubs need a 4th outfielder that can play all positions and that is either right handed or switch hitter. The Cubs dont have that on there roster.

Joe said...

No prob Nick I.

I agree... Crisp should be the last option. Although I would be first in line to get his jersey if he becomes a Cub... just cause of his name... if he's already demanding a trade... I got issues with him. Its one thing to demand a trade after he's actually lost out on the job in Spring... but most teams have just started reporting position players this week and he's already talking like he has lost out on the job. You would think he would at least fight for it first before mouthing off.

But on top of that... his contract probably is also another deterrent. I think it can be agreed upon by everyone that the Cubs are looking for a one year platoon stop gap to allow Pie to continue to develop. Crisp has a multi year deal that would bog us down and block Pie and other prospects.