Friday, February 22, 2008

Lou on Mike and Mike.

Lou was on Mike and Mike this morning and he had some very bold statments-

- Lou said he has the lineup pretty much set.

1. Soriano LF
2. Theriot SS
3. Fukudome RF
4. Lee 1st
5. Aram 3b
6. Derosa 2b
7. Soto C
8. Pie/Fuld
9. Pitcher

- There will be a tough battle for CF, with Pie and Fuld battling for the starting position with Pie the favorite.

- There looking for a #3 pitcher within the system. He says Dempster is "on a mission" and can see him in the #3 spot with the number 5 spot up for grabs. With Dempster slotted in the rotation it seems Lieber will get the other spot.

- There looking for another lefty and righty in the pen. He loves his young arms.

-Also, he mentioned that Hendry is "talking to a few teams" right now, and that if one deal is made, then Soriano will not be leading off. He wasn't confident about a deal getting done, and he's confident with what he has. It sounds like Brian Roberts, Chone Figgins, Reggie Willits, or CoCo Crisp maybe on the horizon. With the Roberts being the most logical, considering Pie/Fuld in center.

- He emphasized the importance of a fast start, which is what they're focussing on right now.

- Says the line-up is too right handed as it is right now.

- He would be disappointed if Z does not win 20 games.

Some good info from Lou!


Joe said...

I'm assuming for that last statement he was referring to Zambrano. I would be disappointed if the Cubs only win 20 games.

I dont know bout Fuku in the three hole. I would prefer to break up D Lee and Rammy than Theriot and D Lee.

Anonymous said...

I like The Riot batting 8th after Pie. Give's him a little protection.

Evil Toy