Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Latest on Roberts.

Thanks to MLBTR-

-Brian Roberts is not in Orioles' camp today; he's gone to a local hospital for a stomach ailment.
Roch Kubatko does not believe he's secretly been traded.

-Roberts will make no trade demands.

-Ken Rosenthal says the chances of a Roberts trade "seem to diminish each day." Rosenthal cites Roberts' relationship with Peter Angelos, and wonders whether the Orioles could wait until July to get more teams involved. If a Cubs deal does occur, Ronny Cedeno is highly likely to be included.

-Three days ago, ESPN's Peter Gammons wrote that the Cubs refuse to part with Felix Pie or Jose Ceda for Roberts. Also, many MLBTR readers have speculated that the Orioles no longer have use for any of the Cubs' outfielders.

If this deal does in fact happen it will be before Spring games start. My deadline for a deal is Weds. Feb. 27th. If it does not happen by then, then it will not happen.

I also see Murton being traded before Opening Day. He will either go to the O's in the Roberts trade, or the Rangers. But more than likely he will go to the Padres for a couple of decent prospects.

The other player likely on the move is Marquis. He could be the odd man out in the rotation meaning either he is the long man in the pen or traded to a team that needs pitching depth. I see the Angels and BoSox being a good fit. The Angels have Willits, which would be a great addition if Pie does not cut it at the plate. Even if Pie does do well he would be the ideal 4th outfielder. The Red Sox may trade Crisp for Marquis straight up becuase Crisp will lose his CF spot in ST and will want out of Boston. He could fill the role in CF but could still be a backup in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

why would the angels want him? They have enough pitching as it is.

Anonymous said...

I dont think the cubs will get roberts. cubs should trade some prospects to tigers for inge then trade marquis and inge to the angels for figgins

thatcubsfan said...

I don't think Coco Crisp would enjoy playing here with Pie ahead of him and Colvin on the rise. Like he said he wants to play everyday, if he didn't mind I believe he would love to stay in Boston. It could also let Colvin have more time in the minors to work on his plate disapline which might not be a bad thing. Also Tim on MLBTR said in his video mailbag that he believes a trade for Brian Roberts will happen before the season starts.

cubsfan82 said...

The Angels do like Marquis as an inning eater and insurance if Escobar does not come back anytime soon. It has been confirmed that the Red Sox, Angels, Rangers, Blue Jays, and Royals have intrest in Marquis with the Red Sox and Angels being the front runners.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1 one of angels starting pitchers is going to miss the first couple months. And since Maquis only pitches the first half he's a perfect fit. Nick I