Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dempster fires back at Millar!

Ok, Dempster is back on my good side! I like the fire he is showing, predicting a World Series and firing back at Millar. He shows the fire that I did not see last year when he was the closer and I hope he shows that fire on the mound because if he does then he will be tough! Intensity and emotion are such a big part of baseball and I am glad Dempster is showing it!

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Joe said...

Haha... good stuff. Definitely two of the class clowns of MLB.

Anyone catch Steve Stone on 670 this morning?

I only caught the tail end.

From what I did hear... Stone thinks Lieber's spot in the rotation is already sealed and he also thinks Marquis' spot is sealed as the 5th. His reasoning was Marquis is owed $15 mil over the next two years, and unless he is traded, would make one very expensive long man in relief. He said Marshall and Gallagher and the rest of the kids can always be sent down to the minors and brought back up later.

And of course... as a result, Demp will be sent back to the pen. Whether he goes back as the closer will be up to Lou, Stone said, but he also pointed out that Demp actually had good numbers as a closer. (So lets keep up that fire Demp is showing in words with Millar... haha).

Stone also mentioned that more than Roberts... the Cubs should be pushing for George Sherrill, recently acquired by the O's from the M's in the Bedard deal. Sherrill had great numbers last year and his efforts would be wasted in the O's rebuilding mode. The Cubs still need another lefty in the pen and Stone pointed out that when the Cubs make the playoffs (not if), a lefty out of the pen is going to be key when facing the likes of Rollins, Howard, Beltran, Reyes, Delgado, etc of the Phils and Mets.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i'm with Dempster here too! Millar talking smack and finally a guy cracking back. mlb doesn't need to be a bunch of pussies in the press. lets not underestimate the tension in spring camp. they're battling for jobs and future. let's hear what they really think. Drake Honchel