Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cubs notes.

- In case you missed it Carlos Zambrano will be the opening day starter.

- Sweet Lou has Rich Hill as his number 4 starter in the rotation. All winter we have expected Hill to be the 3rd starter in the rotation but Lou wants to break up the leftys. He also says he does not see Lieber as a long man in the pen, which means he will be in the rotation next season. This will leaves 5 guys fighting for one spot. Those 5 guys are Dempster( the favorite), Marquis, Gallagher, Marshall, and Hart. I see Hart winning the pen spot or starting in AAA, I see Marquis being traded to the O's, Angels, or Red Sox( which it think will happen), I see Marshall being the long man in the pen or traded, and I see Gallagher either being traded or starting in AAA Iowa. That would leave Dempster as a starter.


Glacier said...

personnally i think it would be so much smarter having lilly start opening day folloiwed by Zambrano and then Hill. This works though, thoses lefties need to be split up. I would love if gallagher or hart stepped in for that 3 or 5 spot but odds are they wont and we will be stuck with demp or marquis... god i hope demp or marquis get traded. then have lieber in the other slot

Joe said...

Cubs signed Alex Cintron to a minor league deal. Hendry mentioned not to jump to conclusions, Roberts deal is still as far off as before.

Anonymous said...

Cintron, did the cubs sign him so that baltimore can't get him. Cubs don't need him unless they plan on trading Derosa. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? He was hurt last year, does not have a good OBP, no pop, and no speed. Why would we want him? Nick I

Joe said...

Its a minor league deal, so pretty much a no risk gamble.

According to, they picked him up because Cedeno will be getting looks in CF this Spring and they wanted another guy who could play SS behind Theriot.

Article also says that Cintron did have a horrible year last year, but he was injured. In an injury free 06 he did produce decent numbers for a back up.

At worst he stinks it up in Spring and we let him go before we break camp. Best case scenario, he does well and Cedeno ends up being dealt for Roberts, leaving a back up IF slot open for him.

The Cubs also have several minor league lifer middle IFs in camp to see if they can find lightning in a bottle.