Monday, February 18, 2008

Cubs could deal for Willits and Roberts??

Here is a good tidbit from a reader of mine and it is on in the comment portion-

will keep you posted, but I did just talked with someone I know who was John McDonough's (Cubs former VP) assistant who is still there and he told me that both the Willits and Roberts deals are hot right now and would be surprised if one of them is not done by the end of the week.Names he told me the Cubs are willing to trade are Cedeno, Theriot, Gallagher, Fontenot, Marquis, Dempster, or maybe even Pie. Cubs AA former first round pick Tyler Colvin could be in a package as well.I apologize for being a Brewer fan who knows someone in Cub hierarchy, by the way. Living in Chicago makes it tough to know any Brewer contacts.

I would be very happy if a deal went down where the Cubs added Willits and Roberts. My only concern is trading Pie in any deal. I do not see the O's wanting Pie in an already crowed outfield and I do not see the Angels wanting him either for the same reason. I would trade Gallagher, Fontenot, Cedeno, and Marshall to the O's for Roberts. Then trade Marquis and prospect for Willits. The trades I have came up with make sense for the Cubs, O's, and Angels. I would love to see it get done. They could use Willits as a platoon/4th outfielder and Roberts of course would take the reigns at 2nd base leaving Derosa to the super utlity role. I would prefer to get Willits over Roberts because I like Derosa to play 2nd everyday. Right now thes just seems to be a rumor but I will keep you posted if I hear anything else.

Here is Willits numbers-

He would be a perfect addition to this team. High OBP, good AVG., plays all three OF positions, and is a speedy switch hitter. Marquis and a midlevel prospect for Willtis is a good deal for the Cubs!


Anonymous said...

MLBTR just reported Cubs talks for Byrd reach impasse. That makes the Willits rumors you have sound real good. If he's platooning with Pie even better he hit .333 against leftys. Nick I

Anonymous said...

I like Willits alot, but i think Marshall for Willits even up is more like it. they both make about 400,000 Marquis makes about 5,000,000. And the angels could use a lefty starter, they only have Saunders as a lefty and he's not that good. Keep up the good rumors. Nick I

Glacier said...

pie shouldnt have a platoon partner. he will never learn to hit lefties if they dont let him. just keep him in the 8 hole and let him do his thing