Sunday, February 17, 2008

Matt Murton know about trade talk. Greatest Prank EVER!

Matt Murton is a class act. It was revealed today that Matt Murton is a regular reader of a site that many of us check on a daily basis). He has been busy this offseason reading all the trade rumors about him because he is blocked by Fukudome and Soriano in the outfield. Jim has been looking to deal the outfielder to a club where he can have regular playing time. The Cubs are in need of a speedy switch hitter or righty to play all three outfield spots. That just does not fit Matt Murton's ability. Matt Murton is a lefty fielder with good OBP, decent power, and good avg. which should be a good fit for some teams like the Indians, Padres, and Rangers. I wish Matt Murton the best whether he is the 4th outfielder on this team or a starter on another team. He is a good player, person, and a class act.

Here is the link to his comments-

I like how MLBTR thinks the Indians are a good fit. I would love to send a package of Murton and some prospects to the Indians for Jhonny Peralta. He hit .270 with 21 homers and 72 RBI last season. He also posted a .341 OBP. He does not give the Cubs speed or better D but he does give them more power and an upgrade at SS in my opinion. Peralta is listed as the starting SS but it seems that Asdrubal Cabrera may take his spot and they may not have a place for him. It is just a thought.

OMG Brett Meyer Prank on Kyle Kendrick link-

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