Sunday, December 04, 2011

Lets Get Ready To Rumble, Winter Meetings Style!

The Winter Meetings have not even started yet but the rumors are flying around. Lets get caught up over a busy weekend.

- It was first reported that the Rockies wanted DeWitt for Stewart. Of course that would have been a really good trade for the Cubs which is why the Rockies asked for Colvin and a prospect instead. I say not thanks!

- Speaking of third baseman. I have been hearing from numerous sites and my sources that Chase Headley is a top target for the Cubs during the Winter Meeting. One source says he would be shocked not to see Headley make his way to the Cubs by next week.

- A player the Padres want in return for Headley, Carlos Marmol.

- The Padres and Red Sox are the most active in pursing Carlos Marmol.

- The Cubs like Mark Burhle but not his asking price of 4 years $50M.

- Cubs did lose out on Capuano to the Dodgers but 2 years $10M is over paying for a guy like Capuano.

- Congrats to Chris Bosio to landing the Chicago Cubs pitching coach position.

- OK, so the Brewers offered Prince 6/120! The Cubs should automatically offer 5 years with a 6th option year for $160M.

- If the Cubs were to trade for Justin Upton then they would have to send Carlos Marmol, one of Matt Szczur and Trey McNutt, and an top 10 Cubs prospect.

- The Cubs are active talks with lefties Wei-Yan Chen and Tsuyoshi Wada. Both became unrestricted FA on Thursday. It is reported that the Cubs like Chen better than Wada because of his age (26 years old) and price (4 years $20M).

- Yu Darvish is expected to be posted during or shortly after the meetings. The Cubs are expected to bid on the young righty.

- If the Cubs want to deal Soriano for another bad contract, as I reported on twitter some guys he could be dealt for like Chone Figgins, Barry Zito, Adam Dunn, Jason Bay, Carl Crawford, Dice K, Vernon Wells. Here are some other possibilities Ted Lilly, Travis Hafner, Hanley Ramirez (especially if the fish land Jose Reyes), Nick Markakis, Mark Reynolds, Brian Roberts, Justin Morneau, Jake Peavy, and A.J. Burnett. Now some of these players are making less than Soriano and some are making more so money will likely be exchanging hands as well. Not to mention some of these players would require more than just Soriano to land in the case of Nick Markakis, Travis Hafner, Hanley Ramirez, and others. I just wanted to give everyone an idea of players and teams the Cubs could match up well with in a bad contract trade including Soriano.

- Monday morning could have great significance for the Chicago Cubs, the fans, and the Santo family. That is likely when they will learn whether Ron Santo will be inducted into his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Santo needs 12 of 16 votes to be inducted by the Golden Era Committee which meets every three years and usually votes on managers, umpires, executives, and players who had a career impact on the game from 1942 to 1972. Bruce Levine reported yesterday that he talked to a industry source that says Santo's chances of being inducted are "excellent." I do want to note than this if the first year Santo has been on the Golden Era Committee ballot. He was passed over in past years by the stingy Veteran Committee lead by anti-Cub and anti-Santo leader Joe Morgan. If you can't tell I have no respect for Joe Morgan.

- Garza rumors are swirling but the is not letting it bother him. He did say he would like to sign an extenstion with the Cubs though.

- The Theo Epstein compensation maybe settled during the Rule 5 draft according to sources.

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Anonymous said...

I would love an OF of Upton, Jackson, DeJesus. Trade marmol for him. Then make a huge run at Fielder and create a trade for Stewert.

1. CF - Jackson
2. SS - Castro
3. LF - Upton
4. 1B - Fielder
5. 3B - Stewert
6. RF - DeJesus
7. 2B - Barney
8. C - Soto

BN - Castillo, LaHair, Baker, Campana, Johnson

1P - Garza
2P - Dempster
3P - *Via Trade/FA*
4P - Zambrano
5P - Wells

P - Marshall
P - Wood
P - Samardzija
P - Russell
P - Berg/Coleman/Carpenter
P - *Lefty via Trade/FA*
CP - Cashner