Monday, December 05, 2011

Day 1: Winter Meetings Rumor Roundup

Lets take a look at the rumors swirling around Cubland in the first day and a half of the Winter Meetings-

- Congrats to Ron Santo for taking his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. It is a shame that it happened after his passing but I am sure he is clicking his heels in the ballpark in the sky.

- The Chicago Cubs will not trade Garza for anything less than what the Brewers gave up for Grienke. That is a good package and the Cubs should not settle for anything less.

- The rumors around the Cubs interest in Kuroda are legit until you heard the asking price of 2 years 30 million. Like they say on SportsCenter "Com' on Man!"

- The Cubs are still interested in Stewart but look at him as a back-up plan to Headley.

- The Rockies like Colvin for Stewart which is understandable but remember Stewart is a non-tender candidate.

- The Cubs called the Marlins on Hanley Ramirez but his asking price was way too high. If the Cubs acquired Ramirez they would have played him at 2nd.

- BleacherNation stated on Twitter (@BleacherNation) that the Cubs are trying to get Headley and Kyle Blanks in the same deal. If Theo and Co. can pull that off then they are even more smarter than I think.

- MLBTR says the Cubs are looking at Pujols but want to offer him higher annual salary with less years. Like maybe 5 years $150M?

- The Cubs have called the Mets on Wright but his asking price was "offensive" according to a Cubs source.

- The Padres are very interested in moving Headley, Hudson, and/or Bartlett. There is a rumor out there the Padres want to attach Hudson with Headley in a move to the Cubs. If that happens the Cubs may only have to give up Marmol and a minor leaguer. Which would be huge. I would give up Carlos Marmol, Josh Vitters, and Tyler Colvin for Orlando Hudson, Kyle Blanks, and Chase Headley.

- The Chicago Cubs are getting teams calling them on Soriano, mostly AL squads. They would like the Cubs to pick up the bulk of the money owed ($54M). I would pay 40+ to get a deal done if I was Jed and Theo.

- There is some Placido Polanco talk because the Phillies are interested in signing Aramis Ramirez so naturally Polanco has been linked to the Cubs. I do not see a fit with so many other 3rd baseman on the market via trade.

- The Cubs have met with Dan Lozano today. He is Albert Pujols agent and it just so happens he represents Rodrigo Lopez. Muskat says the Cubs are interested in bringing back Lopez and I ask WHY!?!?!

- Craig Counsell is waiting to see if he gets any offers before retiring. The Cubs would like him to be a coach.

- The Cubs really like Fielder but will not go over 6 guaranteed years for him.

- The Cubs have expressed interest in Marlins 22 year old 3rd base prospect Matt Dominguez. He is a great defender but has not done well in the minors. He is a career .255 hitter with .325 OBP in the minors but he is playing above his age. He moved from High A to AAA last year at the age of 21.

- Rosenthal and Morosi say the Cubs are in on C.J. Wilson. With the Nationals offering a 6th year I do not see the Cubs as a fit.

- I just got an interesting name in the email I received from a source of mine. This source says the Cubs have contacted the Orioles about 3rd base prospect Josh Bell. He did have a cup of coffee in the majors so it is hard to judge him there so here is his minor league stats. I put him in the same category as Matt Dominguez.

I am sure there will be more rumors come out as the night goes on. So check me out on Twitter @HotStoveCubbies for the latest rumors and news.

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