Thursday, December 08, 2011

Last Day of Winter Meeting Rumors, News, and Notes...

- I first want to say goodbye to Cub killer Albert Pujols as he packs his bags and heads to the West Coast after signing a 10 year $254M deal with the Angels. There is nothing I like more than the cries of angry redbirds about how things are not fair. My answer to you is you guys is your management should have signed him to an extension years ago and never signed Matt Holliday to that horrible 7 year $120M deal. You bid against yourself when you got Holliday and that cost you Pujols.
- The Cubs have taken Ricky Alvarez Ricky Alvarez and Lendry Castillo Lendry Castillo
- The Rangers and Angels are very interested in Matt Garza. The Angels are also interested in Carlos Marmol.
- Yu Darvish was posted today and will go through the 4 day bidding process. The Cubs are expected to be big time bidders on Darvish. We should know by Tuesday who won the bid.
- The Cubs are still in on Ian Stewart but also still like Chase Headley. We will likely hear more of these two in the up and coming weeks.
- The Marlins remain interested in Carlos Zambrano. I am hearing the Cubs will probably pick up a pitcher before trading their depth away unless they get a pitcher in return for their pitcher. I hope that makes sense.
- The Cubs are expected to go hard after 28 year old oft-injured, switch-hitting 1st baseman Kendry Morales and/or 25 year old Mark Trumbo. It should be noted that Trumbo could be a candidate for 3rd base because the Angel scouts are sure he would do well at 3rd and could be the starting 3rd baseman next season for the Halos if not dealt.
- The Cubs are still in on Prince Fielder regardless of what Peter Gammons says. Gammons said the Cubs do not have money to spend on Fielder which makes no sense because they plan on bidding on Darvish ($40+M), submitted an offer to Pujols (more $ than Fielder is asking for), and are in on Cespedes (looking for a 5 year deal $60M). Gammons needs to check his sources. One thing that the Cubs are up against in Fielder is the other AL west teams. The Mariners are increasing their deal to Fielder to 7 years $160M according to two different sources of mine. Another source says he expects the Cubs up their pursuit and try to sign him quickly. The Rangers are also actively in on Fielder.
- The Cards are not in on Fielder but will instead upgrade SS and outfield. They are targeting Rollins (I see him signing with Philly) and Beltran. They plan on using Berkman at 1st. Pujols really made the Cards a weaker team.
- The Cubs were one of the four finalists for Pujols according to sources.
- If you don’t follow me on Twitter you should because I tweeted this hours ago: This is my trade idea- Garza, Marmol, Vitters, and McNutt to the Angels for Morales, Trumbo, Trout, and 2 top pitching prospects. I may be dreaming but there is tremendous value for both teams going both ways. The Cubs could use Morales at 1st, Trumbo at 3rd, and Trout in RF.
- Levine says the Cubs are involved in the International market as well stating they have great interest in Yoenis Cespedes, Jorge Soler, and Geraldo Concepcion. We have heard about the first two but not a lot on Concepcion which I have a hard time finding anything on him.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Ramirez,Pena,Grabo,Lopez,Ortiz ect.
Are gone 32 million saved. Next year Zambrano,Dempster and Byrd gone 38 million saved. 70 million over 2 years. But Soriano will still have one year left. The cubs were not going after Pujols or Fielder cause they need several more players to compete. Dejesus was a good start but Stewart I'm not sure of. The reason Soriano and Z are still cubs even after offering to pick up most of their salaries is nobody wanted them. So since the cubs can't trade away their dead weight it's going to be years before they are ready.