Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WInter Meetings Day 3- Cubs Talk Up but Moves Are Not

- Depending on what reports you read the Cubs are in on Prince Fielder. The latest suggest Fielder is looking for a Ryan Howard type deal 5/$125M which I think is reasonable and the Cubs need to offer soon.

- Seattle and the Marlins are not in on Fielder.

- The fish have pulled their offer from Pujols but he still has two 10/$200M+ deal out there but the Cubs are not one of those teams.

- Theo says the Cubs are looking toward building the future and is concentrating on smaller moves.

- The Cubs still like Stewart from the Rockies but the Rox are asking for LeMahieu which the Cubs rightfully turned down.

- The Marmol for Headley rumors are buried because the Padres acquired Street from the Rockies.

- The Pirates have joined the Stewart derby.

- The Cubs are still very much interested in a number of players including Chase Headley but are awaiting the Pujols decision.

- The Mets are shopping just about everyone but officially they are shopping Jonathon Niese and Ike Davis. Niese name has not came up on the radar for the Cubs yet but they should be interested in the lefty. One name that the Cubs are considering and in talks with the Mets on is Ike Davis. Davis is 24 years old, solid defensively at 1st base, a lefty bat, and is not even arbitration eligible yet. The Mets are looking to get a number of young players for Davis and the Cubs could offer Vitters, Trey McNutt, Chris Carpenter, Andrew Cashner, or even Matt Szczur.

- The Cubs are interested in Pujols but on a 5 year deal. The Cubs are not the mystery team offering 10 years.

- Pena and Ramirez will not accept arbitration.

- The Braves have called the Cubs on Darwin Barney according to a source.

- Still reports out there that the Cubs are interested in Kuroda because he is seeking a short-term high annual salary deal.

- All signs point to Wood signing a deal with the Cubs. Likely to be more than last year's super discount.

- Jed Hoyer says Fielder reports are "overblown." I did not expect him to say anything more than that.

- Zambrano is still in play for Marlins but many expect Z to start the season with the Cubs.

- Ken Davidoff says a friend of Prince Fielders says the Cubs really interest him. I am sure he can put up big numbers hitting in Wrigley for half a season.

That is it for today hopefully things start heating up more move wise!

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