Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Lot of Cubs Talk....

- Sources out of St. Louis said the Cubs have serious interest in Albert Pujols. Now I am still on the fence about Pujols unless he lands with the Cubs with a 5 year deal. This could be used to up the price on Pujols and hurt rival teams.

- Soriano is likely to be traded at the Winter Meetings according to a source of mine. He says that numerous lower tier AL teams are in on Soriano and the Cubs are "now" more willing to kick in cash than last year.

- The Cubs are looking to possibly add Chris Capuano for depth to the rotation. It is unlikely he would give a spot by signing a contract. He is a mid risk/mid reward pitcher and they type of guy you value as depth on your team.

- Theo Epstein says he has the best left-handed reliever in baseball and he will not move him in the rotation or much less to another team.

- Theo views are Garza are mixed because he says Garza is the type of guy he would like to build around but in return he could get a lot to build for the future.

- I will be the first to report this I am sure. The Mets have called the Cubs about Geovany Soto and the Mets may have moved on from Josh Thole or want a platoon with him according a source.

- Theo said he would like to add a power left-handed bat but is not going to force anything.

- The signing of DeJesus does not really affect Jackson according to Epstein. That is very telling.

- Opposing GMs think the Cubs trading Garza makes sense according to Jon Heyman of SI.

- Theo says starting pitching is the Cubs #1 priority at the Winter Meetings which starts Monday.

- Theo wants to build with a young core according to many media outlets. That is why Cespedes, Justin Upton, and Chase Headley are all running hot on the rumor mill. Headley is the oldest at 27.

- Building a young core and for the future could be a precursor to many things like getting rid of Byrd, Soriano, Zambrano, and others. It also could signal an interest in Fielder. Signing him to a long-term deal would build toward the future and enable a young foundation because he is only 27 years old.

- The Cubs have talked to the agents of Pujols and Fielder but many of my sources stat the interest in Pujols is to raise up the price and Fielder's interest is legitimate.

- Theo Epstein makes it sound like Brett Jackson will get some more time in AAA but a lot can change. He also says you will not see him too much in the Winter Meetings lobby next week.

- I think if the Cubs were to build for the future ideally it would signing Prince Fielder and Yoenis Cespedes; trading Soriano, Byrd, Wells, Soto, and Zambrano; trade for Chase Headley and Orlando Hudson; and acquiring a young package of players for Matt Garza and Carlos Marmol to build up the farm system. That would be my ideal moves towards the future of course with some filler moves in there as well by adding to the bench and the most important thing; getting pitching. Check out this nice lineup-

1. Brett Jackson CF
2. Orlando Hudson 2b
3. Yoenis Cespedes LF
4. Prince Fielder 1st
5. Starlin Castro SS
6. Chase Headley 3rd
7. Welington Castillo or Steve Clevenger C (or a catcher through trade)
8. David DeJesus RF
9. Pitcher

I got to say I really like it a really balanced as well!

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seanski said...

Absolutely love it. Looks like a major league lineup. A lineup u could do some things with.

mtjbsn said...

i like the look of the potential lineup but that leaves the pitching staff bare behind demp

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Here is my 2 cents worth. Soriano
and Zambrano both have to be traded before cubs go after Pujols
or Fielder. I see there is intrest from Oakland and Kansas on Soriano.
Hes good in the club house, hits homers, gets RBI's. And as a DH is a valuble player. Both teams have extra pitching and need the big bat. On thr other hand i don't see where any team is intresred in Z.
There is alot of intrest in Marmol and Soto too. And in my gut i still think Garza and Zambrano will be pitching for the cubs next year. Samardzija will get a chance to start.

Joe Higgins said...

How can there be no comments on some of the smartest Cubs talk available. Nice job, thanks.