Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Rumors are Heating Up!

Jim Bowden says the Cubs have been very aggressive with a wide range of free agents and trade talks.
- The Cubs will be listening on everyone according to numerous sources but most notably Matt Garza, Carlos Marmol, Geovany Soto, and Randy Wells.
- David Kaplan says the Cubs are “kicking the tires” on free agent outfielder David DeJesus. I just don’t see the need unless numerous moves are made in the outfield.
- The Cubs are interested in Ian Stewart and Chase Headley for their 3rd base vacancy. Both would be trade options although Ian Stewart would probably cost a mid-level prospect while the Padres could ask for Marmol for Headley.
- Matt Garza is gaining trade momentum for a number of teams but most notably is the Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, and even the Indians.
- I am hearing the Indians want both Marmol and Garza. And they could be dangling Michael Brantley, Justin Masterson, and/or Carlos Santana. Getting Santana and Masterson would be ideal and a must for both Marmol and Garza.
- Pena and Ramirez are expected to decline arbitration.
- The Cubs are very much in on Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols according to many media outlets. The new CBA is effecting how the Cubs approach the off-season and could force the Cubs to spend an extra 20 million on payroll for next year. Thus it could force their hand in getting a big money, big bat 1st baseman for many years. From one source I am hearing the Cubs could be posturing some to drive up the price of their rivals. From another I am hearing the Cubs will not go beyond 6 guaranteed years for both and would likely increase yearly salary in exchange for less years. He even went as far as saying signing Pujols to a 4 year 160 million dollar contract with an option is not out of the realm of possibility. I see it as unlikely to pay someone near 40 million a season but I do trust in Theo’s judgment.
- A couple of pieces Theo and Co. really like and probably won’t deal are Sean Marshall, Starlin Castro, and Andrew Cashner.
- The Cubs will still be players on Yu Darvish if he is posted.
- Yoenis Cespedes is still a big target for the Cubs as well. The Cubs brass really like what they saw in the Dom. Rep.
- Ken Rosenthal has an update in regards to Pujols and Fielder saying the Cubs are more willing to go long term with a contract with Pujols than Fielder because Pujols is a better defender. He also says Fielder’s body is a concern which is why the Cubs would rather go short-term high dollar with him rather than Pujols. Now this contradicts what I am hearing and posted earlier in the post. I find it interesting they are willing to go longer for a guy who is 31 instead of a guy who is 27.
- Rosenthal has been all over today saying that several teams are “kicking the tires” on Alfonso Soriano but the teams expect the Cubs to pay a large portion of his contract. I am hearing 80% will have to be paid for the Cubs trade talks to start moving further along.
- BleacherNation has the case for signing Prince Fielder and it is a great read. They will have the case for not signing him later which I will post as well.
- Theo and Co. have been really quiet but leaks still happen maybe even on purpose. I am still amazed at the difference in the approach of the old regime and the new. Seems like my sources have been more active and right this off-season than most.
- Ron Santo will be up for the Hall of Fame once again but this time by the special ballot. We all will be pulling for Santo to be finally inducted.
- Muskat chimes in and says we will hear more about the coaching staff this week.
- Three newer names that are starting to buzz around trade talk in respect to the Cubs are Kendry Morales, Alex Gordon, and Mitch Moreland.

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