Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DeJesus Signs, Ricketts Talks, and Other Juicy Tidbits

- The Cubs have signed David DeJesus to a 2 year deal with an option for 2014. David will make $4.25M in 2012 and 2013 while having an option of $6.5M for 2014 with a $1.5M buyout.
- Jed Hoyer says DeJesus will likely be the starting RF for the Cubs next season. He also stats DeJesus is an asset to the team direction of getting better defensively, taking more pitches, and running the bases better.
- Like I tweeted before @HotStoveCubbies DeJesus is a cheaper and younger Fukudome. Although he will not strike out as much as Fukudome did. The most he has ever struck out was in 2009 when he got punch out 87 times in 627 PA.
- Hoyer says they have not given up on Tyler Colvin but he has to earn his spot on the team.
- I am hearing Tyler Colvin maybe the compensation for Boston for the Cubs getting Epstein.
- One source tells me this move was made because the Cubs want finalize a deal to send Soriano to an AL team during the winter meetings. Theo and Co. wanted to be sure to sign DeJesus before making that trade.
- The Pirates are very interested in Geovany Soto. The Angels were until the made a deal for Chris Iannetta. The Angels sent Chatwood to the Rockies for Iannetta and boy would I have liked Chatwood in a Cubs uniform.
- Jason Varitek and Kerry Wood signing with the Cubs could happen very soon.
- Hoyer has been in talks with Erik Bedard's agent but then again he has been in talks with a lot of agents.
- Bruce Levine says a good piece to pick up for Garza through Texas would be Alex Ogando. I would agree with that!
- Chase Headley is the Cubs top choice for taking over 3rd next year. The Padres still like the idea of Marmol as compensation.
- The Cubs may look to Justin Upton if they cannot land Cespedes. The Dbacks could ask for Garza and/or Marmol for Upton but Upton alone is not enough for Garza. Marmol is another story. Upton is only 24 years old, a great defender, and he hit .289 with 31 homers, 88 RBI, and 21 SB last season. He makes $6.75M in 2012, $9.75M in 2013, $14.25M in 2014, and $14.5M so he is affordable for the production.
- BleacherNation has a great write up interview with’s Tim Dierkes.
- ESPNCHicago has Tom Ricketts speaking on free agency and much more. A must read!

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