Sunday, February 11, 2007

More ideas and thoughts are forming closer to ST

As we get near Spring more and more you hear about potential trade candidates. As for the Cubs only one has came up and you have heard his name all through winter and that's Jones. Jones reportedly asked to be traded after Dusty's contract was not renewed. Then we found out later that he did no such thing and he wanted to stay in Chicago if Lou wanted him there. So a while it sounded like Jones would play RF for the cubbies in 07 with Soriano in CF and Murton in LF. Then came the signing of Floyd, the speculation of him being traded again came up but was quickly diminished when said that Floyd would be a valuable bench player and to be a great 4th outfielder. Now that were days away from pitchers and catchers reporting the Jones being traded is another hot topic. It is said that Jones wouldn't be given away and he shouldn't. In fact I don't think he should be traded at all. Besides getting a proven OF for him or seeing Pie is ready to start for the Chicago Cubs, he shouldn't get traded. Jones put up career numbers last year and besides some shaky defense he played very well in 06. The media and some fans( me included) think or thought Jones would be traded away and such players as Figgins, Rowand, Church, Pie, or Duffy would take his place in the outfield. But now I have changed my opinion about Jones. He seems the logical choice in RF, you cant get someone who puts up power numbers like Jones without trading more than just him or a proven player. Pie needs another year in AAA, which is stated by a number of Cubs coaches, so I don't see him producing with the parent club at the beginning of the year. For now it does look like Jones wants to stay in Chicago and Lou and the cubs want him to hit 5th in the batting order. You really cant count on Floyd to play right everyday with his injuries, unless he proves otherwise. You also don't know how Murton will fare this year with just a year in the MLB, so giving Jones up would be a huge blow to the Cubs you would have to think. Anything short of getting a player that can hit .280+ 20+hr and 70+ rbi, you just cant trade JJ.

More and more times throughout winter and you recently have heard the "Arod in cubbie blue" rumors. Alot of that has to do with Lou being the manager of the Cubs now and the speculation of Arod wanting out of NY or opting out of the end of the year. Expect the rumors not to stop until he lands somewhere else. Recently in the San Fran newspaper stated- in a perfect world Arod would start ST with the Angels, Giants, Dodgers, or Cubs. Well all those are places you could see Arod landing. The Angels have alot of prospects ( Santana) to give the Yanks as well as the Dodgers have alot to. The Giants and Cubs however do not have the resources that the LA teams do. In order to get a player of the ability you would have to trade a star or get another team involved. Another thing all the teams could provide to maybe pry away Arod is to pay the majority of his remaining contract( which alot of teams might not agree to) . That way you could give them lower quality players and still get the All Star. Another thing that could be in the back of that Yanks mind is that the Twins have an impending free agent named Santana who they would love to get in pinstripes. That would cost some green but with Arod and his contract gone it would be easy to throw that money at Santana. Theres alot of variables that could take place and it will be very interesting to see how these topics pan out throughout the 07 season.

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