Saturday, February 17, 2007

More good news out of Spring Training

There is alot more news coming out of the Cubs front today. Jones reiterated that he did not ask for a trade and says he will play center if Lou wants him to play center and said if he wants him to play right he will play right. He also says it was a mistake last season saying the things about the fans and Dusty. He also said the below average defense and bad throwing had to do with problems with his shoulder. He did rehab earlier this year with Prior and now says his shoulder feels fine and he is throwing over the top and it wont be an issue this year.
Prior isn't the only one that plans on being in the starting 5 this year. Miller, who showed great improvement through out last year says he feels the best he has felt in 2 years. That would also be a big improvement because a healthy Miller could be slotted anywhere from 3rd to 5th spot in the rotation. For once it looks as if there will be plenty of competition for at least 3 of the 5 spots in the rotation with Miller, Prior, Hill, and Marquis all battling. One man will be forced in the pen or possibly forced out completely. Having a surplus of good pitchers is always good because you always have a back up in case of an injury or if you want to make a trade. I have a feeling the rotation and pen will be the hot topic of the spring training games.
Another surprise today is the Wood( who wasn't suppose to pitch until Monday) threw 10 pitches off the mound today. He didn't over do it but still it shows he wants to be out there. Its nice to see Wood's dedication to working.
Dlee (who was sidelined the majority of last year with a wrist injury) has no problems with his wrist. He says it is healthy and strong. He also excited about his new teammate Soriano saying its an instant boost to the offense and its very intimidating having to face him as a leadoff man. You can really tell he is excited for this year, much like all the fan are!

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