Friday, February 16, 2007

Big Z wants 5 years not 7, cubs set parameters of deal

According to multiple reports and news articles the cubs have set up parameters of a 5 year deal "close" to what Zito is making. That has to be in the range of 80-90 million. When asked about what Z said earlier this week, he said he meant if they didnt sign him he would have to go through the free agnecy proccess. Well believe that or not, I think Z just wanted to take some steps forward becuase as of Tues no offer was made to resign him and that I think ticked him off. Z then said that he is looking for a five year deal close to what Zito was making. Not the 7 year deal that was reported earlier this year. Z said he wants 5 year deal and thats what the cubs want to give him. So Carlos and Jim are on the right track. Though it is reported that these are just parameters and not an offer, you gotta believe Jim is working to get this deal done. I also wouldnt be suprised if a 5 year deal worth 90 million is announce before Tuesdays arbitration hearing. I honestly believe they will skip the 1year deal and work on getting the multi year deal done by the 20th.

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