Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prior and Miller throw off the mound, Wood hurt.

The cubs got some good and bad news today. Wade Miller and Mark Prior both threw 30 pitches off the mound today and did very well. Lou said that if you have them healthy its like signing two more free agents. The cubs better hope they are healthy because they already have a set back on Wood. Wood( expected to be in the pen this year) bruised his ribs Monday night getting out of the hot tube at his home. He was scheduled to pitch Friday but now must take it easy and not pitch for 5 days. This has always been an issue with Kerry, but luckily the cubs do have a surplus of starters and pen guys so Kerry can take his time. This is just a minor set back for Wood compared to his other injuries. Lou doesn't seemed bothered by this saying these things happen and that's why they give them 6 weeks. I hope Kid K recovers well because we will can use him this year!

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