Thursday, February 15, 2007

Zambrano expected to make statement today

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Carlos Zambrano isn't expected at camp until Thursday, when Cubs general manager Jim Hendry expects him to clarify his statement on leaving after the season if he doesn't get a new contract by Opening Day.

I'm sure Carlos didn't mean what he was saying or if he did he just realized what he said was wrong. Him or his agent is expected to make it clear that Big Z's primary focus is to get a deal done and stay with the cubs. Z has already said he wanted to stay with the cubs-

''This is the team that gave me the opportunity to play since I was 18 years old,'' Z said. ''They brought me to the big leagues. They gave me the chance to be somebody. Now I have to sit with them and discuss whatever they have on the table.'' - Chicago Sun-Times

To me I think things just got taken out of context, yes, Carlos did say that he is gone if a deal isn't worked out. But I just think it was a big misunderstanding and I still feel a multi-year deal can be reached by opening day if they work hard enough.