Thursday, February 08, 2007

Could Arod become a cub???? At the deadline???

It is speculated that Arod will opt out of his contract to get more money and possibly leave New York. He and his agent somewhat danced around the subject and left it up to us to guess what he will do. Personally he would be a fool not to opt out. Given a chance he would leave the haunting NY media and fans I would have to believe. Not to mention I think he would get more money that whats left on his contract. If he does opt out, you have a long list of teams who would be willing to shell out the cash to have Arod play for them. But according to John Friend on Jim Rome yesterday he might join a team before he gets the chance to opt out. Here is what he said in a nutshell-

Friend thinks that Rodriguez is going to opt out if he doesn't perform well and gets fried from the New York media again. Friend then came out to say that the Yankees could in fact ship A-Rod to Lou and the Cubs around the trade deadline. Arod and Lou have been good friends and have a good relationship ever since Seattle, I can see him getting reunited with Lou in Chicago.

The one things he doesn't address is what the Cubs would have to give up for Arod. It could be a situation that they might just want to get some prospects from us for him so they can make a future trade, or they could ask for Prior(if healthy and proven he is back) or Z or any other players. The players that couldnt be traded because of the no trade clause is Aram, Soriano, and Dlee.. Now that's not to say they wouldn't wave there no trade clause to go there but I seriously doubt that happens.

This whole situation is just speculation on apart of the media. There is too many variables that could happen from now til the deadline or end of the season or to even say there is a good chance Alex comes here. But you can always wish and dream and hope!

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