Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Cut Some, You Call Out Some, and You Could Move Some...

- Want a recap of yesterdays game???  Go visit

-  The Cubs have sent Trey McNutt, Jae-Hoon Ha, Marco Cirrillo, and Jonathan Mota to minor league camp.  They were the first four to be cut out of camp putting the number of players to 59.

-  Love this quote from Sutcliffe-

 “There’s some nice things going on here,” he said. “I wasn’t here last year. I wasn’t on board with what was happening and I love the Cubs, pull for them, but I didn’t feel I was welcome. I’ve been around the Phillies and the Yankees, and when you go down to a bullpen and watch five or six guys throw, you sit back and almost every other guy, you go ‘Wow, he’s got a chance.’ There wasn’t a whole lot of ‘wow’ going on here [in Cubs camp]. It was disappointing. You’ve got to know where you’re at to get better …. There’s the truth and the fact that this is a mess. To me, the chain of command was broke, people were going in different directions with no leadership. There’s leadership now.”

- It really seems like Jaramillo will have no shot at the backup role with the Cubs which is why Clevenger is now the leader in the club house.

-  Seeing all the negative comments by Aramis Ramirez really upsets me as a Cubs fan.  He was one of my favorite Cubs but now my view of him is really being skewed.  I just have no respect for players that completely trash their former team like spoiled little brats.

-  The Cubs are really hoping Marmol gets his control back (though he really never had good control) for multiple reasons including helping his trade value.

-  I recently read a post on message board that makes a ton of sense.  The premise behind the post is the Cubs are better off signing Garza to an extension during Spring Training and then dealing him at the deadline.  He stats the Cubs could get a lot more (if they are out of contention) for Garza at the deadline than now.  He stats the added wild card team increases the chances of a team making the playoffs which means more buyers and less sellers.  Which in turn means less supply of elite players and more demand for them causing cost to rise.  He even thinks if the Tigers are in the race and want to add Garza it is going to likely going to cost them Turner, Smiley, and Castellanos simply because other teams will be offering a strong package as well.  He also goes on and says he sees the Angels being big players and maybe offering Mike Trout Jean Segura, and  Garrett Richards for Garza.  I really hope this guys is right!

-  Want to know one player the Cubs are interesting in on taking their 1st round pick? Trey Williams tops their list.

-  More pictures from the Boys of Spring found here.

-  Cubs Den asked if Randy Wells could be traded this spring which is found here.

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